Monday, June 17, 2013

Sheung Shui

Dear family,

 Things are going great here in Hong Kong! Once I stopped stressing about the language, things have been way good! The apartment is now way cleaner than it used to be and will continue to improve once I get some cleaning supplies. It's already one one the best apartments in the mission as far as I've heard:) I still can't believe how good the members are here in HK! They never stop feeding us! If there wasn't so much rice I'd think my mission was Tonga! The weather so far has been really great too! Lots of rain to keep us cool! Me and Elder Staheli are working really hard to do well, He says we're doing better than he's ever seen, and he's been in this area for about 9 months!

There are 711s everywhere, they've got mcdonalds and kfc as well. Also tons of other american stuff. My companion is great, he's bit of a goat roper. He's from north Ogden. Sheung shui is complicated and awesome, some parts are apartments (huge) and some parts are small houses and little tin huts. I've got like an hour to email. We usually do it at 10 am Hong Kong time.

The desserts here are hard to describe, this sunday the ward gave us some chocolate and vanilla stuff. One time we got this black bean soupy stuff dessert at a chang out (when people take us out to dinner) One time we got these peanut buttery waffle things. Lots of stuff.

Well, how are you guys? It sounds like life in Utah is pretty good:) Whose wedding did you go to? Jug said you guys left him or something. Hi Jug! You're awesome! Tell Todd and Dairylynn I said congratulations!!!!! Tell Jake and Zach and all my friends I said hi! Tell them to Email me! They need mission stories and advice! That's about it for this week, I'm gonna send some pictures too! I love you all! Be good!

Love Elder Osborne:)

These are all the good pictures this week and last, I'll work on getting some more of me and everyone else next week:)

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