Monday, June 30, 2014

Normal Day

 Turns out we're having p-day today and temple day is a normal day, but on wednesday, so that's cool. Had a good week this week, had a lot of cool little stuff happen. It woul be cool to go to Five-Alls post mission, but it'll probably be gone by time I'm back, but we'll see. You should show me a pic of the new table, I want to see what's changing around the house.

 Tell Lou happy birthday for me. Has she grown up at all, besides her height? What was the final testimony meeting like? What did they say? let me know how Ryan's home coming is, that would be cool. Also, do your best to find like every Hong Kong person in Utah, I want to talk to all of them.

Not much to report this week, let more know if there's anymore questions I can answer or anything. I love ya'lls and hope you have a good next week:)

Also, yes we do eat some crazy fruits and stuff, not super crazy though. The only huge difference is like lychee fruit, more mangoes, dragon fruit, lots of melon stuff. Nothing terribly special.
Wearing: The gray tie we bought together at the mall
For Pday: relaxing, turns out temple day is this wednesday and we got this p-day too:)
Moves: not till like the end of august
Investigators: got a super gold guy who just got back from being an exchange student in america, his name is Ivan. He's cool.
I am studying: characters and how to use the Book of Mormon more in missionary work.
I am feeling: pretty dang good.
Story: can't think of a crazy one right now, just super cool, small miracles happening left and right, like miracles getting in people's houses, getting people from the street into the church and having members miraculously there to help us teach. stuff like that,.
Pics: ok. th first one is all of elder staheli's stuff he's bringing back from china, let me know if there is anything special that you want so I can get it for you. the second is me having fun with elder staheli's chinese sword. We had a photo shoot at the end of one day last week.

Yeah that's about it,
Elder Osborne

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things Are Good

 This was a pretty cool week, things are going good. Moves didn't change my apartment at all, so I'm still training elder Buss, Elder Staheli and I will spend his last move together. Elder Pincock is still here too. Our apartment is awesome. Moves didn't change much stuff for us, a sister in my district is training, but that's about it. Stuff in Kwun Tong is good, we're finding new people, getting tons of miracles we don't deserve, great stuff. Home is gonna be so different by the time I'm back. Crazy stuff is going on, What's up with a new table? You should send me pics when it gets moved in. There's not much else to report for this week, we're working hard and hopefully keep progressing the work 'round these parts. I'm glad everyone but dad's back is doing good. I missed the Larsen's summer solstice party this year, maybe next time. 加油! 我愛你們!

Also next week is temple day, we'll be going on July 2nd, bye love you.

Elder Osborne

Monday, June 16, 2014

Giant Cockroach

 This was a pretty fun week, it had it's challenges, but it was fun. This week was Elder Buss's senior week, and he did really good, I pushed him super hard. I need to be nicer to him from now on. He's great though. We don't really have any new investigators this week, just a bunch of potentials and maybes and stuff. 

 Home sounds as crazy as ever. I can't believe Honey got accepted to college and got a full time job before me. Never saw that coming. Everyone seems like they are doing pretty good, it's good to hear things kinda maybe winding down. 

 Also last pday was pretty cool, we went to to place where the first baptism in China happened, that was super cool, I'll send honey the pics. This week also had a giant cockroach attack in our apartment. Hopefully I can get the video from Elder Staheli to show you one day. We all screamed like     girls trying to kill it. Crazy fun stuff. This pday we are going to Kong Koi to do trunkie shopping with Elder Staheli, next move is his last move. I'm gonna miss him a lot. Beginning of next move is this Thursday, so we'll see what happens.

 senior week is when the trainee does everything for the week, pretty much by themselves. It's hard. We don't know if Elder Staheli is moving or not. In the mission, we don't say transfers or that, we just say moves, so this is elder staheli's last "move" or transfer period or whatever people call it. We killed the cockroach with a liana and a broom. It's was very memorable.

I'll just fill out your thingy now
For pday we are going shopping for stuff at kong koi
Food I'm eating more fruits now. Got some really delicious mangoes.
Clothes I'm wearing missionary clothes
Story hmm, not sure if I have anything too noteworthy besides we got attacked by a giant cockroach last friday. It's funny how the beasts can make grown men scream like girls. It was scary
Random Got a really cool new tie from the ward for fathers day, it's pink and super靚仔.
Wisdom If you want success, just be a good person. read proverbs. Read the Book of Mormon.

 Not really sure what else to tell you, that's about it for this week, I hope everything at home goes good, hope the garden goes good, keep up the good work,加油! 我希望你們好開心!

Elder Osborne


this is the location of the first baptism in china. It's in diamond hill in ngau taut kok area, which is right next to mine

Monday, June 9, 2014


 Home seems to have another crazy thing happen after another. Do your best with SueEllen. Thanks for be awesome and helping her out. It'll all turn out all right, Matt Rifkin was a nice guy. 

 The cousins party sounded allright, also I know Elder Phillips, he's in my zone. He's awesome. He's also learned Chinese sign languge and is teaching deaf Chinese people the gospel. We heard that we haven't had CSL missionaries in 20 years. All because of Elder Mikesell(he's in my group) Found a super golden deaf lady who got baptized and referred like all the deaf people in HK and all over Asia to the missionaries. He just ran into her in a super boonie place one day, couldn't figure out why she didn't say or understand anything, gave her a flyer, and now we have kind of a small deaf branch within a ward on the island. Miracles. That's one cool story. Elder Phillips is awesome. 

 This week for us was pretty cool, at the very end of the week Elder Buss and I taught a Family lesson! We were knocking a few doors in the ghetto by the church and these guys were moving some stuff and opened a door to get up to the second level when I snuck in. We we were exploring around a bit when I saw this guy in his house( the solid door was open and we could see through the gate) I said hi to him and then just asked him if we could come in like it was nothing, super easy. We taught him the full restoration, I don't know how much he really understood cause he had no Christian background, but it was awesome. His wife came in after so we taught her too, apparently their son investigated the church or something, so they liked missionaries. Usually that makes people not like missionaries, but I'll take it. That was pretty cool.

 So yeah, things are good, miracles are awesome. Tell Honey congratulations for graduating and stuff. She'll adjust to post-highschool life pretty easy. Thank you for all your prayers and all the support, keep it up!

Investigators are cool
Food ate some sure good curry in wan chai this week
Wearing missionary clothes with a nice grey tie
Next temple day don't know
Did you find us poopy pants? yes, I'm just not sure how to send them home. I'll figure it out. Hopefully it's not too expensive
Random jsdgosghdogjoedgjgjoladleladleldadle
Story told mom like two stories. Also went on exchanges with Elder Little, the only black elder in the mission. It was super fun. Kobe and James thought he was lebron james.
Pics ok 

Elder Osborne

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


 June came so fast! Gam faai la!! We hit June with a pretty good start, things are looking pretty good. Also, sister Palmer is in my MTC group, she's really boss, you should ask him to tell her story to you, its pretty awesome. She's sister training leader in Tolo Harbor right now. Tolo was my last zone. Honey sent pics of seminary graduation and stuff. Lou looks super tall, whats going on? Why are things happening so fast? Jug is done with elementary too?! Also, Elder Staheli gets home the 22nd of August, you should look him up or something, he'd be fun to talk to post mission. 

Next moves is up in the air. We'll probably stay together is my best guess. Elder Buss still likes me, he's been doing really good this week, he taught his first street lesson all by himself, it was fun. That's about it for this week, today we are going out to lunch with my last comp and Peter 卞, our RC(recent convert) That will be cool, we might also be shopping for more poopy pants as well:) Thanks for all you're prayers, they are working, and so am I:) I love you and pray for you too. Doing my best:) 加油!

Elder Osborne
家庭 是 永恆的.