Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Things Are Good

 This was a pretty cool week, things are going good. Moves didn't change my apartment at all, so I'm still training elder Buss, Elder Staheli and I will spend his last move together. Elder Pincock is still here too. Our apartment is awesome. Moves didn't change much stuff for us, a sister in my district is training, but that's about it. Stuff in Kwun Tong is good, we're finding new people, getting tons of miracles we don't deserve, great stuff. Home is gonna be so different by the time I'm back. Crazy stuff is going on, What's up with a new table? You should send me pics when it gets moved in. There's not much else to report for this week, we're working hard and hopefully keep progressing the work 'round these parts. I'm glad everyone but dad's back is doing good. I missed the Larsen's summer solstice party this year, maybe next time. 加油! 我愛你們!

Also next week is temple day, we'll be going on July 2nd, bye love you.

Elder Osborne

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