Monday, August 25, 2014

Turned 20!

I got the package, it was super awesome, the candy was well appreciated, but I still like the letters best, thank you so much. Also, I am in kwun tong still, so I guess I'll have been here 8 months total just like sheung shui I'm pretty happy about it, we've got a lot of investigators that I really care for and have lots of potential. Elder Buss and I are getting along great too so companion stuff isn't a problem. It's actually super cool to be able to stay with my trainee for this long, we've had some pretty cool adventures. My birthday was on moves day, so it had a lot of mixed feelings, having to see elder staheli leave for home. I feel older now in a good way so I guess that's good.

Thank you so much for going to see Elder Staheli, it means the world to me that my family could see the missionary who taught me the most on my mission. It's going to be hard to find a comp I liked better than him and even harder to get as much work done as we did in my first move with him. I'll do my best to be bold like he taught me.

So what does cantonese sound like to you guys? Cantonese is super cool, I love speaking it and learning it, languages are fun.

I hope you had a fun mini vacation, The ogden temple looks awesome, and my mission dad looks pretty leng jai in his mong kok tie. 

Salad's story was awesome, she was just like his little sister. Salad is super awesome. I'm glad you had a fun vacation checking out the temple and getting to see elder Staheli. I'll fill out your thingy now.
I got moved: no
My companion is: still elder buss
For my birthday I: saw elder staheli leave
For pday: not much, just hanging out
This week: should be interesting
Weather: Hot
Investigators: found a kid named Shine
Wearing: the maroon tie ya'll sent to me for christmas. Also, thank you for the awesome new green one:)
Food: nothing new
Story: met with a guy who kept calling our phone, turned out to be a crazy kid that I met my second day with elder buss. I told him I was russian. That's what I get for being dishonest. He was having a hard time and was scared cause he didn't go to work when he was supposed to so he wanted us to help him pray. It was interesting
Random: bo bo go sing
Pictures: one is elder staheli throwing away his old mission suit coat and the other is 'the kwun tong grabber' he's one of the famous crazy people here

I love you all and hope ya'll have a good week!

Elder Osborne

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Things are Good

I'm not really sure what to write all the time besides "things are good". oh well, I'll try to be more detailed today for you. This week was pretty alright, didn't teach as much as we liked, but we got a ton of people to church, which was awesome. We got the dad and kids of that one family that we found awhile back to church. I was super happy about that. We also went finding on the street together with one of our investigators named tom cause he wanted to see what it was like. Tom looks like chinese jesus, you can imagine what we looked like out on the street. It was awesome. Elder Buss is doing good, we'll find out if I'm moving tomorrow. Probably will. Also, another set of elder's moved into our apartment, so while the zone leaders had summer missionaries we had 8 people living in chinese apartment, which was fun but I'm not going to miss it. It was elder Peterson and elder Au that moved in so I get to live with one of my best friends for a bit:)

Peter Bihn, my convert from a while back is back from mainland, so it's been fun to see him again. He's a great guy. I don't think there is anything else that's new. We'll see.

Make sure to get me pictures. well, I'm doing good, moves is soon and stuff is happening, but it's cool. I'll fill out the thingy now.
For pday: Korean BBQ with elder Staheli
This week: is moves
Weather: hot but not as bad as it could be
Investigators: lots
Wearing: normal missionary clothes. Pink tie.
Food: KBQ is awesome:)
Story: got mr. lee and his kids to church. it was awesome.
Random: Rickydicky!
Pictures: one with me and Elder Buss on star ferry and another with the Kwun Tong thai sisters. They are super awesome

I hope home is doing good, everybody seems pretty good, surviving the teenage Lou craziness. Weeeelllll, Ga Yauh, love you all.

Elder Osborne

Monday, August 11, 2014

Like Father, Like Son

Had another good week, not too much to update you about. We just barely hiked lion's rock again with everybody. It was awesome, took some super awesome pictures that I'll send. It's so weird that it's Elder Staheli's last week now, I'll let you know if I get the info for his homecoming. I'd just try and get in contact with his family if I were you, they'd be fine with it. 

It's pretty cool to be in this mission, we've got a pretty good ball rolling so far and all the missionaries and most of the members are super pumped about the work. Elder Staheli got another baptism this week, it was super cool to see how well he got treated by their ward. I wish every ward could do that.

I hope home is doing good, sounds pretty good. It also sounds like everyone is getting married. Send me pictures, I'm not being trunkie, I have i right to see who my cousins are marrying.

Moves are next week, so I'll let you know whether or not I moved yet like the p day after next p day I think. Things are going good though, we're working with some cool people right now, pretty happy about that, just need to get them to church now.

It's super weird people getting engaged and pregnancy, the family will be like twice as big when I get back. Crazy. Weeeell, I'll just fill out the thingy now.

For pday: hiked lion's rock
This week: not much, scheduled lots of lessons though
Weather: hot and humid, with occasional huge rain attacks
Investigators: got a pretty cool gym trainer named peter, he's awesome. Gwun tong teaches a lot of peters these daysWearing: you'll see when I send pics
Food:lots of mcdonalds
Story: I got to do the baptismal interview for this guy named a-seun. Funnest interview I've ever done, he was just all yeah!! That's it!! with all the questions plus had a super awesome testimony. I don't think the guy who referred him thought he'd be this golden, but he's super awesome
Random: Monkeys are scary

Elder Osborne

The first is a-seuns baptism, the second is just a view of the best mission in the world

one is me and elder pincock, he's elder staheli's companion, and they're rocking it.

like father like son

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Jug!!!

 This has been a good week, jug got a lot of people at church for his birthday. We're doing pretty good, the biggest issue is all our awesome investigators have to work on sunday, super mafaahn. Working hard though. Things are pretty good, still super cool to see so many miracles happen all the time. Hong Kong is an awesome place to serve, it fits me pretty well. I hope jug is having a happy birthday, hopefully my package gets to you guys soon.  

 Â I can't believe Matt is getting back already, I still have like a year left;) The times are changing, so am I too, I guess. I'll make sure to get you guys the info for elder staheli's homecoming, you probably could ask one of his sisters in law over facebook or something.  

 As for my package, I also need more deodorant soon, so that would be nice.  

 Not too much to report this week, the work is moving forward, we're all happy, and things are going good, I love ya'll and hope everyone stays safe. Tell Jug Happy birthday for me, he seems way taller and older than I remember him, I'm exited to see how much everyone has grown since I've been gone.

I'm glad Matt's mom, Rosie, and Addie are doing good, We'll have to check out that Habit burger when I'm back, sounds super good. Tell matt he's a boss for me and to keep in contact while I'm still in the wonderful Hong Kong. thanks for the pics, jug looks super leng jai. Tell him happy birthday for me!
 I'll fill out your thing now:
For pday: Relaxing 
This week: is hopefully going to be filled with lots of lessons 
Weather: super hot or super heavy rain when it's not 
Investigators: got a cool new one named manta, he's elder staheli's investigators boyfriend, but he lives in our area, so we'll be teaching him. 
Wearing: the grey tie we bought together 
Food: sister lam chenged us out again this week, ate mussels and all sorts of amazing stuff. 
Story: Found a kid named chris off the street a few weeks ago, got his answer super fast and now has a baptismal date. His name is chris and he's super awesome 
Random: I'm BATMAN!!! 
Pictures: ok here's last p day and elder staheli's last zone training, it was super boss.

Love, Elder Osborne