Monday, August 11, 2014

Like Father, Like Son

Had another good week, not too much to update you about. We just barely hiked lion's rock again with everybody. It was awesome, took some super awesome pictures that I'll send. It's so weird that it's Elder Staheli's last week now, I'll let you know if I get the info for his homecoming. I'd just try and get in contact with his family if I were you, they'd be fine with it. 

It's pretty cool to be in this mission, we've got a pretty good ball rolling so far and all the missionaries and most of the members are super pumped about the work. Elder Staheli got another baptism this week, it was super cool to see how well he got treated by their ward. I wish every ward could do that.

I hope home is doing good, sounds pretty good. It also sounds like everyone is getting married. Send me pictures, I'm not being trunkie, I have i right to see who my cousins are marrying.

Moves are next week, so I'll let you know whether or not I moved yet like the p day after next p day I think. Things are going good though, we're working with some cool people right now, pretty happy about that, just need to get them to church now.

It's super weird people getting engaged and pregnancy, the family will be like twice as big when I get back. Crazy. Weeeell, I'll just fill out the thingy now.

For pday: hiked lion's rock
This week: not much, scheduled lots of lessons though
Weather: hot and humid, with occasional huge rain attacks
Investigators: got a pretty cool gym trainer named peter, he's awesome. Gwun tong teaches a lot of peters these daysWearing: you'll see when I send pics
Food:lots of mcdonalds
Story: I got to do the baptismal interview for this guy named a-seun. Funnest interview I've ever done, he was just all yeah!! That's it!! with all the questions plus had a super awesome testimony. I don't think the guy who referred him thought he'd be this golden, but he's super awesome
Random: Monkeys are scary

Elder Osborne

The first is a-seuns baptism, the second is just a view of the best mission in the world

one is me and elder pincock, he's elder staheli's companion, and they're rocking it.

like father like son

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