Sunday, February 23, 2014

Awesome Week

This was an awesome week! One of our many awesome investigators (Alec) got baptized, and Elder Holland came to Hong Kong and had a fireside for all the members here. He is now the apostle in charge of Asia too. I'm not sure what that means, but it seems really cool. I got to sit in the same hall he talked in. Super cool. I wish you could have seen the people there, Everyone was so happy. The members are super diverse here too. Chinese, whites, Filipinos, Indonesians, and all sorts of other kinds of people too. That was one of the coolest sundays ever. 

 We missionaries will go to a big meeting with Elder Holland tomorrow as well, so we'll see how that goes. I'm super exited. There are some really cool things going on here in HK. Kwun Tong is doing good. I'm getting to know stuff better here. The area is super cool We have spots that we can see Hong Kong Island and the ocean, it's super cool. Things are going really good, we have a lot of really great investigators:) 

 I'm still getting used to new things here, but it's awesome here. I hope things for everyone back home are going good, I love you all, keep up the good work!

 Best thing this week: Alec getting baptized and Elder Holland coming to HK! 
For P-day we are: going to a really cool museum thing. 
My companion: Elder Williams is really cool. He likes Avatar, Coldplay, and Jack Johnson just like me. 
New food: We made some crazy noodle dinner last night cause we had no time to eat, it was good. Color tie today: black and blue 
I am feeling: Happy and Awesome 
Investigators: a ton. 
Story: Alec, our baptism, decided to believe in God the day before missionaries(Elder Williams and his last comp) found him on the street. They met with him a bit and then he came across tons of anti stuff, but he talked to the missionaries instead of thinking we were evil and he was awesome after that. He then felt he was ready faster than his baptismal date(he totally was) to get dunked, so we baptized him yesterday instead of like 3 weeks later.
Tell us about your new area: Kwun Tong is awesome! It's got a little bit of everything, and a lot of hills and stairs. I'll tell ya more later

Elder Osborne

 Kwun Tong at night.

Me and my best friends, Elder Peterson and Elder Durham

Monday, February 17, 2014

First Transfer

It sounds like a good week for you guys, I'm glad Grandma's funeral went good. I'm doing good too. Yeah I got moved. I'm now in the Kwun Tong area and it's awesome. I'm not sure where to start describing it. I'm kind of to the east of Kowloon area. The whole mission calls Kwun Tong "the promised land" because it's crazy successful on average. Hopefully I can keep the streak going. Kwun Tong is also famous for all the crazy people there too so I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell this move. Really this is crazy, I never thought that I would go here, at least until last Monday. Last Monday I saw the Kwun Tong elders at Kong Kok shopping for pday. As we were walking away I looked back at Elder Williams (my new companion) and I felt like we were going to be comps and now we are. It was pretty cool. So now I'm here. I'm gonna miss Sheung Shui, but I already love Kwun Tong too so I'll be ok. By the way, Elder Williams is a boss, he is an exceptional missionary for only being out for 4 months so far, he's from SLC and went to East High. Also, Elder Staheli is living in our apartment too. He's just as funny and hickish as ever. His companionship are zone leaders and I'm now district leader, so that's a bit stressful, but I'm learning and getting good help. So that's my news.

Best thing this week: Making a ton of new friends:)
Investigators: A ton, Alec, Ben, Jensen, 明-, Frodo, peter leung, and tons
of others.
Story: One day I got moved. Now I am here. The End
Color tie I'm wearing today: maroon
Transferred? yes
If yes, where to? Kwun Tong
New comp? yes, he is Elder Williams from Utah. He is really cool
if yes, tell us about him: he is cool and is a boss missionary
What are you doing for pday? Celebrating Elder Petersons birthday by
playing board games and stuff in their apartment.
Tell me something: You are going to love my crazy people stories. My new
area is full of them, such as the Kwun tong Grabber, The Kwun tong Dancer,
The Monk, The Sam wo ping Screamer, all sorts of other crazy funny people.
Also kwun tong is pronounced like goon tong.

 Tell Lori and Delene Thank You for the flowers from me. They treat us way too good. Also tell them that they can email me any time. They're awesome. Home sounds busy as ever, keep up the good work, I'll do my best over here too. ¥[ ªo!

Elder Osborne
Ãe ªø¦Ñ

Here's the new view out my window.
And Also Elder Staheli teaching little kid english class.

New comp, elder Williams

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 I got the news about Grandma on Saturday. I hope everyone is doing ok, I think it was her time to go, she had a good run. Hopefully everything goes alright with the funeral and stuff. How's the rest of the family doing with that? I'll pray for everyone back home. I'm doing alright, Hong Kong is good, the work is good, things are all right. Moves are on Tuesday and I'm probably leaving, but we'll see. 

 I'm glad things are busy at Lori's, Valentines was an awesome time to work for her. Maybe if Jug keeps doing a good job for her he'll steal my job. Keep up the good work, It's sounds like you're up to your eyeballs in busy. We'll see how things go. 

Best thing this week: My conversion story fireside and Ivan's confirmation
New food: sea snail, actually really good!
How are you? I'm doing good, kinda sad about Grandma, but it's not affecting the work. Other than that things are awesome.
Next temple day is: not sure yet
Do you think you'll be transferred? Probably
Story: At the fireside there was a convert who only got a flier from the missionaries(which always always means they throw it away or forget about it. Later, she felt like she really needed to call the missionaries(the Spirit!) and she did and now she's a super awesome member!
Pictures: I'll see what I can do.
Anything else: Not much else, things are going pretty good over here.

 Anyway, keep on keeping on, I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

Elder Osborne

 This is when Elder Van Orman and I forgot the keys to our apartment this week and were locked out for a while.

We did a murder mystery english class this week. There's Officer Osborne and Deputy Dy examining the crime scene.

 Here's me, Leo, Nephew, and Ivan! (all boys he baptized!)

Also sheung shui ward has a super awesome preists quorum. We're boss.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lots of Food

 Home sounds good right now, especially with the super bowl. China is doing awesome too, Chinese new year was pretty crazy. We couldn't get a lot of work done cause everyone was visiting family and doing stuff, but the members invited us to a TON of dinners and food and stuff. It's ridiculous here. I'll try and send some pics if I have them. I learned a ton of Chinese culture vocal and stuff this last week, Elder Lau in our apartment helps us out with that. 

 Dad just said Matt Carr is bishop. It's so weird! I feel like I only left like a month ago. I thought dad was for sure going to be a counselor. He got lucky this time. Things are going pretty good still work wise. Moves are next week so we'll see how that goes. 

 P day today was really good, sorry I'm emailing late, but we had a ton of stuff. First we went to our ward activity hiking up a mountain in our area, which kinda led to a Buddhist temple thingy where we hung out for a bit. Then we made our way like halfway across Hong Kong to Elder Lau's birthday lunch that some members in one of his old areas invited us all to. It was mostly Shang Hai style food, which is really good. After, we took pictures at a really cool park and now we're here in the Kowloon Apple store mooching off their computers for the umpteenth time. Awesome day.

I'll shall now fill out this weeks thingy promptly.                                                                                                                                        
Best thing this week: Tons of food and a mountain hike!
Worst thing: Couldn't schedule anyone for lessons this week cause new years!
New food: 笼包 siu lung bao, dumplings with soup in them! super cool!
Investigators: are doing good, just couldn't see harpy any this week cause new years
Story: Chinese new year is crazy and filled with food.

I'm really blessed to have a good family that helps me and helps other people too. Keep an eye on the missionaries. We're all trouble;) 

Elder Osborne

heres the dumplings and i'll add another pic too cause I can