Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 I got the news about Grandma on Saturday. I hope everyone is doing ok, I think it was her time to go, she had a good run. Hopefully everything goes alright with the funeral and stuff. How's the rest of the family doing with that? I'll pray for everyone back home. I'm doing alright, Hong Kong is good, the work is good, things are all right. Moves are on Tuesday and I'm probably leaving, but we'll see. 

 I'm glad things are busy at Lori's, Valentines was an awesome time to work for her. Maybe if Jug keeps doing a good job for her he'll steal my job. Keep up the good work, It's sounds like you're up to your eyeballs in busy. We'll see how things go. 

Best thing this week: My conversion story fireside and Ivan's confirmation
New food: sea snail, actually really good!
How are you? I'm doing good, kinda sad about Grandma, but it's not affecting the work. Other than that things are awesome.
Next temple day is: not sure yet
Do you think you'll be transferred? Probably
Story: At the fireside there was a convert who only got a flier from the missionaries(which always always means they throw it away or forget about it. Later, she felt like she really needed to call the missionaries(the Spirit!) and she did and now she's a super awesome member!
Pictures: I'll see what I can do.
Anything else: Not much else, things are going pretty good over here.

 Anyway, keep on keeping on, I'll keep all of you in my prayers.

Elder Osborne

 This is when Elder Van Orman and I forgot the keys to our apartment this week and were locked out for a while.

We did a murder mystery english class this week. There's Officer Osborne and Deputy Dy examining the crime scene.

 Here's me, Leo, Nephew, and Ivan! (all boys he baptized!)

Also sheung shui ward has a super awesome preists quorum. We're boss.

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