Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Temple Day

It sounds like home is doing good, it's weird that Dad's half a century old now. He's an old fart. Jug looks like he's happy with those giant donuts. Thanks for the story about Zach, I like hearing about him, I'd like to see how his mission is going. Speaking of missions, Hong Kong is doing great, especially Kwun Tong, We've been teaching a lot of lessons lately so that's good. Elder Pincock is out of the hospital, he's been out for almost a week now and he's doing well. He's working as an office elder right now to let him recover though. I miss him in the apartment. Elder Peterson And I were practically companions while Elder Pincock was in the hospital, so we had fun and learned a lot from it. We've been trying to use some new teaching skills that we've figured out that's been pretty fun, we ask a lot more questions than we used to and it's super fun.

Yeah when I was in the MTC we just took shuttle buses to the airport, not front runner. that's cool that they use frontrunner now. I like the pic of Jug eating giant donuts. The home front looked pretty happy, keep up the good work. I'll fill out the thingy now.
For pday: just went to the temple
This week: should be pretty fun
Weather: pretty normal, it's getting a tad cooler
Investigators: teaching lots of those
Wearing: the green tie you guys sent me
I am emailing from: the apple store
Temple day was: really nice
Food: nothing new
Story: sorry, nothing too crazy going on right now besides we're teaching lots of lessons right now
Advice: just keep studying hard, keep up the good work
Random: how's doctor who lately?
Pictures: ok

We're doing super good over here in Hong Kong and hopefully you guys are too. I'm still not sure on the procedures on picking up missionaries, so I'll have to get back to you on that. Anyway, I love ya'lls and hope ya'll keep doing well.


Elder Osborne

here's some of me and Elder Pincock, he's way better now

here's me and my district just getting out of the temple

Monday, September 22, 2014


Things this week were really good, hard at first, but it ended well. Elder Pincock, Elder Petersons companion has been in the hospital all this last week. he had to get surgery for a lung problem. So Elder peterson has been with me and Elder Buss most of the time. I learned a lot from him this week. Saturday was pretty cool, I was at the chapel for almost 9 hours teaching lessons with ours and elder peterson's investigators. It was super fun. We got to visit Elder peterson and I got to visit Elder Pincock on sunday night. He's doing really well. Also a bit drugged up. We're visiting him again for p-day, so we all should have fun.

Home sounds pretty normal, honey told me pounce died, she'll be ok though, she was a good cat for us. I hope things keep going good.

The popcorn is awesome, we eat it in weekly planning. I love it. I have enough lemon heads to last me the move, so I should be good. Thank you so much for the awesome packages! I hope you liked mine a bit. I look forward to more poopy pants pictures.

I'm excited for college, but I'm not sure where I'll go at first and I also heard my ACT will expire after 2 years, so that's not good.. We'll see what happens. Also, you said you would send more poopy pants pics, so you should do that.
I'll fill out the thing now.

For pday: visit Elder Pincock in the hospital
This week: is the end of september.
Weather: getting a bit more comfortable
Investigators: are still hard to schedule
Wearing: a red white and blue tie
I am emailing from: the festival walk apple store
Next temple day: september 30th
Food: is about the same
Story: so Elder pincock had his left lung rupture.. 8 months ago. The doctors have no idea how he was able to live with it for so long. normally the pain is pretty unbearable and towards the end he was living on one lung. Missionaries are tough, and also very blessed.
Advice: love will help people more than anything else, I learned that on my mission. My biggest lesson that I learned myself this week is just not to let yourself get discouraged with stuff, we're on the Lord's side, so it'll all work out.
Random: bought more poopy pants last p-day. these ones will be for my future wife. gotta think ahead.
Pictures: I only took a couple this week, one is this last little kids english class. I taught dinosaurs. It was awesome.

That's about it so far this week, I love you and hope that you have a good week.

Elder Osborne

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tai Bo Races

This week has been pretty crazy. It was supposed to be our temple day today, but there's a typhoon that just barely came by so we just missed our session cause the temple was closed. So I guess temple day will be another time. Just a normal p-day this week. Thanks for checking up on my card. Should be good, I'll buy some good stuff.

I'm so happy the package finally made it! Poopy pants are awesome!!! Y'alls should wear them in public and see what happens. I'll buy more stuff for everyone once I'm in my second to last move or so, so let me know what stuff you want from hong kong!

Things are going pretty good, our apartment is awesome, we live with some pretty cool people. We also have a pretty cool district too. We're all working really hard so hopefully things will be getting good really soon.

I'll fill out the thingy now.
For pday: were going to the temple, but there was a typhoon, but we might be going to get elder buss a suit.
This week: good, kind of hard towards the end, but overall super good
Weather: typhoon
Investigators: found an engineering student named william. I don't know how to teach engineers. they don't think like I do. luckily elder buss is an engineer.
Wearing: the grey tie we bought together
I am emailing from: apple store, it's super packed cause the iPhone 6
Food: nothing special. chocolate oatmeal is good.
Story: had a huge church activity at tai bo, members from all over hong kong came. It was a bunch of relay races, kobe and I were together in one and we won:)
Advice: when in doubt, poopy pants
Random: church movies in chinese are very entertaining
Pictures: ok here's me and james, one of our investigators. he's super buff. the other is me, Ivan, and Elder VanOrman. We all went to the activity.

I hope things go well for y'alls. Well, add oil every one, love y'all!

Elder Osborne

Monday, September 8, 2014

Stake Conference

This week was pretty good, have a lot of good investigators, just hard to schedule people lately. Elder Rasband of the seventy is in Hong Kong and came for our stake conference. He's pretty good, had a lot of good things to say about hastening the work here in HK and around the world. I heard that's the same subject for stake conference all over the world, so I like that. I'm glad home seems to be doing good still. 

Also, my debit card isn't working, I got the pin number right and everything, did something change with the card? Cause I really need to withdraw personal money soon. But it's ok.

The computer is being weird so I can't copy and paste your template thing and I also cant send pictures today. Bummer. But I will do my best. I'm wearing a suit today cause us missionaries have a huge meeting with Elder Rasband so that's what we're doing for pday. Nothing much new, just normal crazy stuff every day. As far as advice goes, just keep up the good work, make sure you do good prayers and study hard whether it be school or scriptures. Also love what you learn and just have fun:) that's about it.  Love ya, sorry i'm not good at emailing.
That's about it for this week, tell Jug he's awesome at football for me and Tell the family I said hi. 

Elder Osborne

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mission Magic

This was a pretty good week, Worked hard, had some cool stuff happen. September should be a good month for us. Yeah we we heard the news from Taiwan, it's super sad. We have to be super careful with that stuff. And yes, Elder Buss has to stop me at intersections because I'm an airhead and forget. I'm still an airhead.

I'm happy to hear that you didn't have to water so much this year, that's a pretty cool blessing. It's good to hear honey is doing well at byu. Tell Jug I'm proud of him for breaking someone's arm, and if he feels bad it's ok it was an accident.

This week were were going to go suit shopping, but there's protests going on in the area of the suit store, so we're just going to hang out this week. Yeah, HK has lots of super cool ties and clothes for pretty cheap. I've already bought some pretty cool stuff. I'll get a suit or two before I'm back, don't worry. I'm going to withdraw some money today, just letting you know.

Is Elder Buss sick of me yet? I'm getting sick of me. (jk) I'm doing my best to be bold and loving all the time, it's tough sometimes, but I feel like I'm doing better and better. I feel like I've made some good progress this week in that regard. I feel like missionaries have this kind of "magic" when we love the people and work hard for them. I know it's the spirit, but it's just super cool to see it happen over and over again. I love mission magic.

Other than that I'm not sure what else to tell you so I'm going to fill out your thingy. 
This week: is the start of september
Next temple day: the 16th
Weather: hot, but getting a bit better
Investigators: lots that can't meet till september, so I'm glad for september
Wearing: a red white and blue tie from elder williams
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
Food: nothing new
Story: made a new friend this week, we were knocking doors yesterday when we invited this mom and her son to english class. After the mom left, the kid followed us out and knocked doors with us in his apartment building. Taught a lesson with him too, we got in a house and taught a teenager while our new friend played with the teenagers pet turtles. It was pretty fun.
Random: Be nicer to turtles than that kid. He scared me a bit.
Pictures: here's a couple of pics from the top of the apartment building where we met our new friend.

That's about it this week, I'll hear from y'alls soon! Love you all!


Elder Osborne