Monday, September 8, 2014

Stake Conference

This week was pretty good, have a lot of good investigators, just hard to schedule people lately. Elder Rasband of the seventy is in Hong Kong and came for our stake conference. He's pretty good, had a lot of good things to say about hastening the work here in HK and around the world. I heard that's the same subject for stake conference all over the world, so I like that. I'm glad home seems to be doing good still. 

Also, my debit card isn't working, I got the pin number right and everything, did something change with the card? Cause I really need to withdraw personal money soon. But it's ok.

The computer is being weird so I can't copy and paste your template thing and I also cant send pictures today. Bummer. But I will do my best. I'm wearing a suit today cause us missionaries have a huge meeting with Elder Rasband so that's what we're doing for pday. Nothing much new, just normal crazy stuff every day. As far as advice goes, just keep up the good work, make sure you do good prayers and study hard whether it be school or scriptures. Also love what you learn and just have fun:) that's about it.  Love ya, sorry i'm not good at emailing.
That's about it for this week, tell Jug he's awesome at football for me and Tell the family I said hi. 

Elder Osborne

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