Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another Temple Day

It sounds like home is doing good, it's weird that Dad's half a century old now. He's an old fart. Jug looks like he's happy with those giant donuts. Thanks for the story about Zach, I like hearing about him, I'd like to see how his mission is going. Speaking of missions, Hong Kong is doing great, especially Kwun Tong, We've been teaching a lot of lessons lately so that's good. Elder Pincock is out of the hospital, he's been out for almost a week now and he's doing well. He's working as an office elder right now to let him recover though. I miss him in the apartment. Elder Peterson And I were practically companions while Elder Pincock was in the hospital, so we had fun and learned a lot from it. We've been trying to use some new teaching skills that we've figured out that's been pretty fun, we ask a lot more questions than we used to and it's super fun.

Yeah when I was in the MTC we just took shuttle buses to the airport, not front runner. that's cool that they use frontrunner now. I like the pic of Jug eating giant donuts. The home front looked pretty happy, keep up the good work. I'll fill out the thingy now.
For pday: just went to the temple
This week: should be pretty fun
Weather: pretty normal, it's getting a tad cooler
Investigators: teaching lots of those
Wearing: the green tie you guys sent me
I am emailing from: the apple store
Temple day was: really nice
Food: nothing new
Story: sorry, nothing too crazy going on right now besides we're teaching lots of lessons right now
Advice: just keep studying hard, keep up the good work
Random: how's doctor who lately?
Pictures: ok

We're doing super good over here in Hong Kong and hopefully you guys are too. I'm still not sure on the procedures on picking up missionaries, so I'll have to get back to you on that. Anyway, I love ya'lls and hope ya'll keep doing well.


Elder Osborne

here's some of me and Elder Pincock, he's way better now

here's me and my district just getting out of the temple

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