Monday, September 1, 2014

Mission Magic

This was a pretty good week, Worked hard, had some cool stuff happen. September should be a good month for us. Yeah we we heard the news from Taiwan, it's super sad. We have to be super careful with that stuff. And yes, Elder Buss has to stop me at intersections because I'm an airhead and forget. I'm still an airhead.

I'm happy to hear that you didn't have to water so much this year, that's a pretty cool blessing. It's good to hear honey is doing well at byu. Tell Jug I'm proud of him for breaking someone's arm, and if he feels bad it's ok it was an accident.

This week were were going to go suit shopping, but there's protests going on in the area of the suit store, so we're just going to hang out this week. Yeah, HK has lots of super cool ties and clothes for pretty cheap. I've already bought some pretty cool stuff. I'll get a suit or two before I'm back, don't worry. I'm going to withdraw some money today, just letting you know.

Is Elder Buss sick of me yet? I'm getting sick of me. (jk) I'm doing my best to be bold and loving all the time, it's tough sometimes, but I feel like I'm doing better and better. I feel like I've made some good progress this week in that regard. I feel like missionaries have this kind of "magic" when we love the people and work hard for them. I know it's the spirit, but it's just super cool to see it happen over and over again. I love mission magic.

Other than that I'm not sure what else to tell you so I'm going to fill out your thingy. 
This week: is the start of september
Next temple day: the 16th
Weather: hot, but getting a bit better
Investigators: lots that can't meet till september, so I'm glad for september
Wearing: a red white and blue tie from elder williams
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
Food: nothing new
Story: made a new friend this week, we were knocking doors yesterday when we invited this mom and her son to english class. After the mom left, the kid followed us out and knocked doors with us in his apartment building. Taught a lesson with him too, we got in a house and taught a teenager while our new friend played with the teenagers pet turtles. It was pretty fun.
Random: Be nicer to turtles than that kid. He scared me a bit.
Pictures: here's a couple of pics from the top of the apartment building where we met our new friend.

That's about it this week, I'll hear from y'alls soon! Love you all!


Elder Osborne

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