Monday, September 22, 2014


Things this week were really good, hard at first, but it ended well. Elder Pincock, Elder Petersons companion has been in the hospital all this last week. he had to get surgery for a lung problem. So Elder peterson has been with me and Elder Buss most of the time. I learned a lot from him this week. Saturday was pretty cool, I was at the chapel for almost 9 hours teaching lessons with ours and elder peterson's investigators. It was super fun. We got to visit Elder peterson and I got to visit Elder Pincock on sunday night. He's doing really well. Also a bit drugged up. We're visiting him again for p-day, so we all should have fun.

Home sounds pretty normal, honey told me pounce died, she'll be ok though, she was a good cat for us. I hope things keep going good.

The popcorn is awesome, we eat it in weekly planning. I love it. I have enough lemon heads to last me the move, so I should be good. Thank you so much for the awesome packages! I hope you liked mine a bit. I look forward to more poopy pants pictures.

I'm excited for college, but I'm not sure where I'll go at first and I also heard my ACT will expire after 2 years, so that's not good.. We'll see what happens. Also, you said you would send more poopy pants pics, so you should do that.
I'll fill out the thing now.

For pday: visit Elder Pincock in the hospital
This week: is the end of september.
Weather: getting a bit more comfortable
Investigators: are still hard to schedule
Wearing: a red white and blue tie
I am emailing from: the festival walk apple store
Next temple day: september 30th
Food: is about the same
Story: so Elder pincock had his left lung rupture.. 8 months ago. The doctors have no idea how he was able to live with it for so long. normally the pain is pretty unbearable and towards the end he was living on one lung. Missionaries are tough, and also very blessed.
Advice: love will help people more than anything else, I learned that on my mission. My biggest lesson that I learned myself this week is just not to let yourself get discouraged with stuff, we're on the Lord's side, so it'll all work out.
Random: bought more poopy pants last p-day. these ones will be for my future wife. gotta think ahead.
Pictures: I only took a couple this week, one is this last little kids english class. I taught dinosaurs. It was awesome.

That's about it so far this week, I love you and hope that you have a good week.

Elder Osborne

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