Monday, July 22, 2013

Another week in HK

Dear Family,
 Hong Kong sounds a lot more peaceful than back home, which is weird cause it's usually the other way around. Power down, water down, crazy stuff. I don't think we get many power outages here, everyone is always super ready for typhoons and stuff like that, but we'll see. This week for me was really good! we're having success and all sorts of good stuff! This p-day we went down to where all the super huge bank buildings are. So cool!
 It sounds like the siblings are also doing great, especially Honey with the sweet new job! I bet Lou will do great speaking in church. Patriotism is a fun subject, make sure you make funny faces at her while she's talking. I still do that over here to some of the young men, it's hilarious:) honestly, we've got one of the best wards ever, I wish you could meet them, you would love them. Jug would get along real well with the kids too, they all play minecraft just like us!
I'm still not sure what kind of present stuff you could send, some things the people like here are: food, America, red rock country like arches, and more food. so yeah, just something little, I don't know. The reason why I'd like honey is that everything here is either super asian, or processed foods. I'd like something from home that I can eat, so our honey sounds pretty good right now:) 

Argh! I don't think I can send any pics this week, the computer is being difficult:/ oh well.
I'm so glad everything is going great at home! Things here in Hong Kong are amazing! I'm so grateful to be here! I love you all and hope you have another fun week.
Elder Osborne


One Hundred Days

Dear Family,
It's weird to think that it's been over 100 days since I left for the mission, time here goes by way too fast! It rains a lot here, so I'm pretty happy weather-wise! It's good to know Utah is getting some rain too:) I can't really think of much that I want for my birthday, maybe some of our bee's honey and a bleach pen for clothes. somthing small. Also I would love some more family pictures, maybe some pictures of utah that I can give investigators and friends. People love little gifts here so I'd like to do something like that. Also maybe brownie and cookie recipes. I want to make some treats for our neighbors and my roommates soon.
Speaking of roommates, we got 2 more Elders in our apartment! They are mandarin speaking, one is Elder Dy from the Philipenes, the other is Elder Woods from springville Utah. They are awesome! Since we are so close to the border they are going to do huge things here in sheung shui.
That reminds me, we were out finding this last week way up by the border so it's got a more rural feel. That's where we found a saddle club! We got to see horses in Hong Kong, I thought Lou would like that. I never thought I'd see horses here besides at the horse racing arena.
I love you all and hope everything stays good!
Elder Osborne

These are from when we went to Ikea!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Temple day

Dear family,

Sorry about the wait, temple day is today so last monday wasn't pday. It looks like everyone is doing great! The tree houses are awesome! When I saw the pics I thought "Families. It's what it's all about." Yeah here in Hong Kong we really look to teach families, we've already found a couple and we might soon have more! One is way cool, they are called the Tam Family. They are from mainland but they are pretty much fluent in mandarin, cantonese, and english! The real crazy thing about them is that when we first met them, the wife was 9 months pregnant, but they all still went to this ward activity with us, even though it was her due date! They just had their baby about a week ago now. She's a beautiful baby girl and they named her Nina. Plus they are super interested in the gospel, it's amazing! So yeah, families are awesome!

 There's not much new that I know other than we watched the worldwide training video too. It was way good! Honestly, the more a ward and the missionaries work together, the the better the work goes. Our ward is great with that, but we can still always improve! I also bore my testimony this fast sunday. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Brother jang kept teasing me that I would be AP after that. You'd love him and their family. His wife is relief society president just like mom brother jang is a goofball just like dad and the 3 kids are crazy like us kids:) They are the perfect family to teach investigators with:) If we get any good investigators in the ward you should totally invite them over! It's the best way to help people in the church. So yeah missionary work is the best!

I'll send some pics soon! Everything is going great! I love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

The waffle looking things are called Hong Kong waffles, they are amazing! You eat every bubble thing individually, it's got this good eggy stuff in it:)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Typhoon season

Leih ho!

Wow, Utah weather never ceases to do weird stuff, The weather here has about 3 settings for this season: Super hot and humid, light rain, and super heavy awesome rain. Also it's Typhoon season right now and we know there is a little one already in the Philippines.
Where i am it won't be as bad cause i'm in the new territories. I am prepared with a sweet umbrella just in case though:)
Tell Honey and Lou happy birthday for me one more time. I feel really bad about not having any time to email last week:( but I got plenty of pictures to send this time so maybe that'll make up for it a bit. Also tell jug that he is awesome.
The language is coming along, every week it gets better, but I still have got a lot to go, which is good, it keeps me humble. The work is progressing as well, our numbers are really good and I feel like even more big success is coming if we keep on working our butts off:)
Speaking of work, now you know how fun working for lori and delene is:) It can get stressful, but that was my favorite job I had before I left. Tell Lori and Delene that they're amazing and that I love them. I pass by a tiny flower shop almost every day and it reminds me a bit of them.
Remember, as hot as it gets in Utah, at least it's not humid like Hong Kong. The altoids mints you gave me get soft, even if I always keep the container closed! One plus is that I never need to iron my shirts:)
That's about it for this week, I love you and everything is well back home.

Elder Osborne

Food! The first pic is of bolo bao (pineapple bread) It's the best! It's the round yellowy bread stuff! Sweet stuff (literally)

This is the apartment.  One picture is of my bed, the other is our kitchen, our entire kitchen. We can't even fit 3 Elders in there!

My desk and a bunch of missionaries. The one smaller sister is going to temple square for her real mission in a few weeks! Her name is Sister Yeung (pronounced yerng). If I remember right the Elder on the far left is my awesome companion, Elder Staheli:)

This is a nice view from one of my p days.

I like turtles!

A MTR (subway) map of HK! My area is way close to the top!

A pic of some goofball missionaries on pday!

Pic of missionary planners

This is Elder Falk with my glasses. Elder Falk is awesome, He's also in that big olympus high school mission call youtube video.

This is me on a p day to a Buddhist monastery we call 10 thousand buddhas. 

This is me and one of our investigators, Leo. We're pretty much besties and we like to play the dot game in church together during meetings when the speakers are boring. Is that bad? Anyway he's really awesome and is progressing with the lessons and his commitments really well!

Some left over pics from the mtc I forgot to send