Monday, July 22, 2013

One Hundred Days

Dear Family,
It's weird to think that it's been over 100 days since I left for the mission, time here goes by way too fast! It rains a lot here, so I'm pretty happy weather-wise! It's good to know Utah is getting some rain too:) I can't really think of much that I want for my birthday, maybe some of our bee's honey and a bleach pen for clothes. somthing small. Also I would love some more family pictures, maybe some pictures of utah that I can give investigators and friends. People love little gifts here so I'd like to do something like that. Also maybe brownie and cookie recipes. I want to make some treats for our neighbors and my roommates soon.
Speaking of roommates, we got 2 more Elders in our apartment! They are mandarin speaking, one is Elder Dy from the Philipenes, the other is Elder Woods from springville Utah. They are awesome! Since we are so close to the border they are going to do huge things here in sheung shui.
That reminds me, we were out finding this last week way up by the border so it's got a more rural feel. That's where we found a saddle club! We got to see horses in Hong Kong, I thought Lou would like that. I never thought I'd see horses here besides at the horse racing arena.
I love you all and hope everything stays good!
Elder Osborne

These are from when we went to Ikea!

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