Monday, January 26, 2015

Cotton Candy!

Not much new to talk about here either, good week though. Showing a little improvement with the work so that's good. Elder Ballard is coming to HK at the end of february, so that'll be cool. I can't believe january is already over, that went way too fast!

Today for pday we are going to Stanley for shopping again. I'm not sure if I'm going to get a lot, but I'll see about getting a fan or something. They've got some cool ones here that you guys'll like. I just don't want to spend too much here and have nothing when I get back. That would be kinda sad. We'll see though. There's really not much else I need package-wise. Still got a ton of candy and popcorn.

Why are the buildings so small? I'm used to Hong Kong sized stuff. Are all the buildings back home that short? That'll take some getting used to. Yeah, I'll have to take some picture of the crazy buildings here to show you. Campus is nice though, I'm just used to the city too much right now.

I'll fill out the thingy now.
For pday: Going to Stanley!!!
Best thing this week: Random funny stuff. Also had our quarterly interviews with president, he's awesome to talk to.
Wearing: the gray tie that I wear almost every p-day
Investigators: Nothing new.
Food: Cotton candy. We eat lots of chinese stuff every day. Also peanut butter sandwiches.
Weather: nice
Next moves: end of february
Story: noneish I'll show you some pics though
PIctures: ok Our branch president randomly bought a cotton candy maker for the branch. He's an idea man
Anything else: Have fun living life in short buildings!

Yeah that's about it this week, hope this email finds you well. I love you all, keep up the good work!

Elder Osborne

Monday, January 19, 2015

Buddha and Baloot

This temple day was super good, had a great temple experience. Good to hear that home sounds like it's getting more normal, I think. Things are going well over here in HK, getting some good work done here. Really not much new to tell you about this week.

Any cool new things going on at home? Is Downton Abbey still good? Any cool new TV shows come out recently? Yeah, I have now idea on what to talk about today. Got the christmas card, I liked having me in it. 

Hope things keep going well for yawls, I'll send some pics and keep you updated.

Well I'll fill out the thing, keep up the good work at school and stuff. 
Got the christmas card?: Yes
For pday: not much, just temple
Best thing this week: temple
Food: ate this filipino stuff called baloot, basically when a chicken egg starts to develop but dies before it hatches, and they cook it and eat it. so yeah.
Wearing: a suit and a bright red tie.
Investigators: nothing new
Story: i'll just send pics
Weather: cold, but not unpleasant
Pictures: ok BIG BUDDHA!
Advice: keep up the good work, you're doing great.
Anything else: Thanks for the old pics of me, I liked it. Keep it up and keep me updated on people.

Elder Osborne

baloooooot! Ate it like it was nothing. Some elders can't even get it down without almost throwing up:)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Advice on Homesickness

This week was pretty good, it's crazy how many miracles and blessings come when you are doing your best with what you got. We're doing good. Home sounds good, Honey sounds homesick, I didn't expect that from her so much, but it's good, means that we grew up in a good home with a good mom. I've got mission blessings to help me not be homesick. Life just keeps moving on.

Yeah, I still can't cook for myself that well either. I'm not really sure what to tell you about homesickness, you know just about as much as me at this point. I never really got that homesick, and if it did hit me I knew I would see you guys again no matter what. That's a huge blessing of the gospel that I never realized until I moved out. It's a good lesson to learn.

By the way, I just sent some books and poopy pants and stuff your way, should take quite a while, air is too expensive and I got time. The tiger pants are for Alex, Madie can choose a pair if she wants to as well. The rest are mine, but feel free to wear them when you want;)

I'm not going to stay on the mission schedule when I get back, that's weird. I don't think I'm going to be a weird RM. Hopefully. I am going to be awesome though. I'll fill out your thing now.

For pday: Not much, just sent a package home.
Best thing this week: Just seeing miracles keep happening and getting some cool revelations on how to help our situation.
Food: Ate some super good spicy taam jai twice this week. It's this awesome spicy noodle soup stuff. Got up to a spice level that most natives wont even dare to eat. Actually hong kong people don't really like spice at all. I'm not really sure why the restaurants still have this level of spice. I'm glad they do though cause it's awesome.
Wearing: a grey floral tie.
Investigators: got some good potentials coming up, got fonged a lot this week, but it's ok.
Story: Nothing really specific that I can tell as a story this time. Sorry.
Weather: raining.
Pictures: I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, I left my adapter at home on accident. I'm a terrible brother, ugh. I feel so dumb on this one. I promise I'll get you TONS of pics next week. Next week is temple day too, so I'll be emailing on tuesday instead of monday.
Advice: Do what you know to do, work hard, have purpose in all you do, that will fight the homesickness more than anything except for praying and studying scriptures
Anything else: Keep up the good work. Been on any dates lately? Any guys that you want to date around campus?

Hong Kong is doing well, I love it more and more every day. I'll miss being a missionary but the Lord put a limit on it, so I guess I'll just trust Him and adapt when the time comes. That's about it for this week, I love you all and I'll hear from you soon!

Elder Osborne

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year

Home sounds different, Honey's moved out, huh? That's a weird thought. Still seems normal though. I'm doing good, not much too different, working hard and seeing miracles. 2014 went by so fast in in such a different way than I'm used to. Time is weird, I don't even want to think about it.

Just barely had a super happy p-day, went up to big buddha by our house. Lantau island is pretty cool, I'd send pictures but I forgot my SD card adapter, so I guess next week. We all had a ton of fun, just got to goof off a bit and relax. (In a good way.)

Matt hasn't emailed me yet, I think I'll email him in a bit. That's crazy fast. I don't know how I could ever do that so fast. Seems like everyone's getting married, I guess all my mission buddies and I will be hanging out a lot then. Any other noteworthy people getting married? I'd like to know maybe.

Well, I'm doing good, not much to report, having fun, working hard. Well, let me know how you're doing lately. I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: Went to big buddha, this huge buddha statue on lantau island where I'm serving.
Best thing this week: Had some cool miracles I'll tell you about in the story section.
Food: nothing new I think.
Wearing: normal people clothes.
Story: So I was emailing last week when this chinese guy comes up to me in the library, speaks English to me and I end up just giving him a flyer. Calls us the next night, which never happens, no one calls us! So we end up going to meet him in this richer spot in our area, and we taught him! Turns out he is an economics professor in Vancouver visting his mother who has alzheimers. He's planning on staying at least a year here. Super prepared and cool.
Weather: nice, but cloudy, but it's usually cloudy here so it's ok.
Pictures: sorry, forgot my adapter.
Advice: just be yourself wherever you are, do the right thing, have fun.
Anything else: not much, seems like everyone's getting married now, what's going on with stuff?

Weeeeelllllllll, that's about it for this week, keep doing good, I love you all and I'll hear from you in a bit.

Elder Osborne

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shoutout to Nelson Leung!

Calling was awesome, it's good to hear everyone, Jug's voice went low, that was super weird. Things are about the same from the phone call. I feel like we went a tad long, but oh well, it was good. I hope that you're all having fun in sanfran, just relax and enjoy the weather and all the awesome asians. I'm going to look forward to checking out San Francisco, sounds like my kind of place.

Today I'm going to check out mong kok again a bit, we were going to big buddha, but the assistants cancelled going with us to pick up Elder Falk's suit at cheung hings so we'll just be picking up our custom white shirts and shopping a bit. Too much shopping lately, really looking forward to a hike p-day. The weather is beautiful today, it's too bad that we're not going. Still doing good though, had a really good Christmas time and I'm sure we'll have a great new year.
Hope you're having fun/ maybe watching the sweet hotel cable. I'll fill out the thingy now.

For pday: Picking up shirts/ shopping cause we nothing else to do.
Best thing this week: the phone call.
Next temple day: jan. 14th? i think...
Food: had lots of good stuff for christmas, sister chan and her family in our ward made some really good chicken stuff for us from a pinterest recipe, not chinese, but still super good food.
Wearing: a tie I got from hong kong with a cheap suit coat I got a mong kok to match my black finding pants.
Investigators: not much new, might end up teaching this one guy named simon that Elder Maddux might have taught before. He's like 71, but looks like he's 50 and is part chinese, japanese, and korean.
Weather: super nice today.
Advice: have fun on vacation:)
Pictures: ok, so the one with me and the guy is me and Nelson Leung. He's in our branch and loves my blog, put this pic up and give him a shoutout. He's a cool guy. The other is When we visited a super nice less active. this is her half middle eastern, half asian son, she married a middle eastern guy.
Anything else: nope, not really.
If you’re shopping, what are you shopping for?: Not much today, might get some MK jai stuff. Ask kobe if you don't know what mk jai is. 

Keep playing hard in sanfran and I'll keep working hard in hong kong. Eat some chinese food for me, maybe take some pictures of china town, I'd like to check it out. I love you all and I'll hear from you next week.

Elder Osborne

Here's some pics of our apartment

kitchen and bedroom My bed is the one with the kissing bunnies