Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year

Home sounds different, Honey's moved out, huh? That's a weird thought. Still seems normal though. I'm doing good, not much too different, working hard and seeing miracles. 2014 went by so fast in in such a different way than I'm used to. Time is weird, I don't even want to think about it.

Just barely had a super happy p-day, went up to big buddha by our house. Lantau island is pretty cool, I'd send pictures but I forgot my SD card adapter, so I guess next week. We all had a ton of fun, just got to goof off a bit and relax. (In a good way.)

Matt hasn't emailed me yet, I think I'll email him in a bit. That's crazy fast. I don't know how I could ever do that so fast. Seems like everyone's getting married, I guess all my mission buddies and I will be hanging out a lot then. Any other noteworthy people getting married? I'd like to know maybe.

Well, I'm doing good, not much to report, having fun, working hard. Well, let me know how you're doing lately. I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: Went to big buddha, this huge buddha statue on lantau island where I'm serving.
Best thing this week: Had some cool miracles I'll tell you about in the story section.
Food: nothing new I think.
Wearing: normal people clothes.
Story: So I was emailing last week when this chinese guy comes up to me in the library, speaks English to me and I end up just giving him a flyer. Calls us the next night, which never happens, no one calls us! So we end up going to meet him in this richer spot in our area, and we taught him! Turns out he is an economics professor in Vancouver visting his mother who has alzheimers. He's planning on staying at least a year here. Super prepared and cool.
Weather: nice, but cloudy, but it's usually cloudy here so it's ok.
Pictures: sorry, forgot my adapter.
Advice: just be yourself wherever you are, do the right thing, have fun.
Anything else: not much, seems like everyone's getting married now, what's going on with stuff?

Weeeeelllllllll, that's about it for this week, keep doing good, I love you all and I'll hear from you in a bit.

Elder Osborne

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