Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bronson a cowboy???

Tell Jared and the rest of the Wong family I wish them the best and I'll miss them. Also tell them to sell their house to some Chinese people, their lucky address should make it pretty easy. It's weird how much the ward is changing while I've been gone. Oh well. I'm glad everyone is still doing pretty good:) Things here in Hong Kong are also pretty good, the weather is amazing right now! We are doing some really good work right now, we'll see how it all goes. 

 I was at a member families house last night for dinner and I told them about our chickens and the farm stuff. They think I'm a cowboy now and they don't believe that chickens can lay blue eggs, just white and brown. The members here are awesome here, they are super good to us missionaries:) 

 So yeah, things seem to be pretty good overall, I hope everything is going well with you guys at home! I'm still not sure what I want for Christmas, I kinda want a new suit, but I've already got 2, it's just that Hong Kong suits are so skinny and awesome. It's like everything I want I already have, or I'm afraid I don't have room for it:/ oh well. no biggie, I'll keep thinking about it. I hope everything keeps on keeping on at home, keep up the good work!

Elder Osborne

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Things here in HK are going really well! Being senior comp is still a bit weird and I'm still getting used to it. Elder Van Orman is a great comp though so I think we'll be very successful together. The weather is getting a lot nicer too. So yeah, things here are pretty good:) 

 Home sounds exiting, I'm really glad everyone is doing well, hopefully Dad gets less stressed when Gramps gets back. Also, Tell the Wetzels that I said hi and congratulations! Are Missionaries in our ward good? How does missionary work work in Utah? Is it all referrals? We go street finding mostly.

As for Christmas, I have no idea yet. I'll start thinking about it. I'm just not sure what I need:/ 
I'll come up with some ideas this week. I love you and I'll update you more next week.

Elder Osborne

We decided to try and get a bit more information out of Bronson this week so we basically gave him a questionnaire. The results are as follows:
I'm going Sha Tin and Ikea for p-day.
I am healthy: yes
The weirdest thing I ate this week was: Probably Chinese Pumpkin. Tastes sweetish.
A new word I learned this week was: song, the closest translation is refreshing. It's like the feeling of a cool breeze on your face. That feeling. I also learned how to say "tickle" and ticklish.
What I want most for Christmas is: A book of Cantonese idioms in pinyin and not just characters. I love idioms.
The weather this week was: Quite nice.
My companion is: Elder Van Orman
Are you allowed to wear skinny ties? If so, would you? yes and yes, I already have a few.
My dream tie would be: probably a super shiny yellow tie:)
We proselyte on average, 5 hrs. a day. It jumps up and down a lot.
I got 5 email this week from: everyone in the fam but Jug. And also a email from Madie.
My favorite thing to eat on the streets is: Gok sai beng. Hong Kong waffles. They put melted peanut butter, condensed milk, powdered sugar, and sometimes chocolate:)
There are like 120 actives in my ward and like 230 inactives.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fish Eyes!

Well, there's a lot of news this week to tell you guys. I am still in Sheung Shui, and I am now senior companion. I am step training an elder that has only been in Hong Kong 2 months. His name is Elder Van Orman. he's from Ogden. He's super nice but he's kinda like the really green elder from the best two years if you know what I mean. He's super good though, he's a bit nerdy like me and I think we'll do really well together. I'm just still getting used to being senior comp. I've never had any real leadership positions like this before, so we'll see. My last comp went zone leader in the new Kowloon West Zone(they split Kowloon into East and West) He was pretty exited about that. So that's the news so far. Also, I ate fish eye last night at the Lam families house last night. It was actually really good:) you'd like the lam family, the kids all love minecraft and they are all super fun:) The dad is our new ward corellator, he used to be the first councillor in the bishopric, so he's gonna be awesome! 
 Conference was really good this time, I got a lot out of it, It was hard to pick a favorite this time. I'm also glad Pres. Monson seems to be feeling happier and stuff. I like how there was a focus on less actives this time, cause we've got a lot of them that we are working on, trying to get them back to church and stuff.

I'm sure everything will be all right with senior stuff. The fish eye was just in the fish, they cook the whole thing, head and all, because chinese people like the face meat and the eye ball, which turns out to be actually really good! They also had these super spicy chinese peppers too, they grew them in the church garden, which is just a tiny square compared to home. It was good.
Home sounds pretty much the same this week, Honey is good, Jug is good. Lou is Lou. Try to get me Zach's email, he'll definitely email back once he's in the MTC. How did he do on his farewell talk? Looking back, mine was pretty terrible, but I tried so whatever. This p-day we're going to Kong Kok, a shopping place like the one went to in Mexico. Except super asian with lots of cheap fake Dr. Dres and stuff. So yeah, that's about it for this week, I love you and I'll hear from you soon.
Jug should like this stuff:) 

The native is elder kwan, one of elder Maddux's converts. Super awesome!!!
The other is elder Arrington, this pic describes him pretty well.

Elder Osborne


We haven't had moves calls yet, that's tomorrow, so we'll see what's happening. We haven't seen conference yet either, which is on this saturday and sunday. So far, that's all that's up with me. 

 Things sound like they're doing good back home.  Us guys are pretty useless, so we got the priesthood to make up for that. I dunno, that fact seems pretty obvious to me. Jug sounds like he's doing pretty boss with football stuff. Honey and Lou sound about the same, except for Honey working and driving. What's that like? feels weird to me.

 I forgot to bring my camera today, so I can't send any pictures. Sorry about that. Also sorry if this is a boring email this week, all the cool stuff is happening this week. Tell Shirley thanks for the letters she sends me, it's really nice.
Anyway, I love you and look forward to updating you on all the changes this week:)

Elder Osborne