Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last Email

Well, It's the last email of my mission, it's been a good run. Tell Nelson thank you for letting you guys know whats been going on the last couple weeks. I'll send some pics that should make up for stuff. Elder Dale is all the way better now, we're doing great still. So yeah Isaac and Brother Yeung got baptized on the 19th, that was awesome, I'll tell you more about it in a bit. Spent all of last p day in a hospital just hanging out with Elder Dale waiting for a stomach-oscapy thing.

Tell Andy congrats from me, Russia is cool, literally. He'll be great. I'll have some time to talk mission stuff with him. That'll be cool.

I'm glad things are looking better, You seem better, Garth seems better, Elder Dale is better, I've still got nothing, so things are good. Not sure what else to write you guys, I had a good mission and hopefully after will be nice too. I still don't really want to go, but I know y'alls needs me so I guess I'll see you friday or whatever Utah time it is over there. I love you, and I love Hong Kong and all the people here.

For pday: Interview with President.
Best thing this week: Got to see a lot of baptisms lately, and a lot more are on the way:)
Wearing: the grey tie I always wear on p day.
Investigators: Lots, still about the same. Found a chill guy named Dexter this week.
Food: Lots of people changing us out. lots and lots.
Feeling: good, still in HK right now. Still got time.
Advice: Go on a mission. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and all the people you will help.
Story: I'll tell ya stories when I'm home.
Pictures: ok
Anything else: not really, tell Andy congrats for me.
How I plan to spend my last few days: just like I spent my whole mission, working.

Elder Osborne

here's some dinners and the apartment messing around with beauty masks.

Nelson sent us some pictures of Elder Osborne's farewell lunch.

Monday, April 20, 2015

More Next Week

Dear Mom,

Can't report much right now, Elder Dale is in the hospital for a stomach thing, I'm fine, the baptisms went well, I'll send more next week, maybe sooner. We'll see.


Elder Osborne

(Thank you Isaac and Nelson for sending us these pictures!)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Still Doing Great

Hey Mom,

Sounds like you have some explaining and recovering to do. Hope you get well soon. 
(She went to catch a swarm of bees, got stung a few times and ended up in the ER.)
We had an amazing week this week. Tons of miracles and we taught so much we hardly any time to proselyte. There's just a ridiculous amount of good things going on over here in Tung Chung. Even though we don't have lots of time to go finding, Heavenly Father keeps sending new awesome people our way for us to help and teach.

Conference was good this year, lots about families and getting married. First year I felt pressure from general authorities in that aspect. Not sure what to think about it so I'll just think about it later. I'm too young to get married any time soon. Weirdness. I just want to be a good missionary and member when I get back. Super excited that Thailand is getting a temple. Thai food and Thai people are the best.

Also, What is the address of our chapel? I need to send Elder Staheli and others the address.

Well, I hope you are ok and get well soon. Looking forward to the story.

I had a crazy week as well, lots of teaching and conference. good stuff is coming up soon. Glad you are doing well, good luck on your report thing. I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: Chill, go on a hike.
Best thing this week: had some good news and good lessons.
Wearing: a grey tie Elder Buss gave me.
Investigators: Isaac, Brother Yeung, Frank, Stefano, Tong bou, Joe, Philip, etc.
Food: Not much new lately. Elder Dale and I cook a lot together and eat well though.
Feeling: Weird and happy
Advice: Try not to procrastinate too much.
Story: I'll tell some next week.
Pictures: Don't have any on my camera right now, need to get some from elder Dale

Anything else: not much, things are going well.

Elder Osborne

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm emailing you on the 6th, so it's your birthday at least here in HK. I wrote you a letter, so it should be coming soon. Sounds like you had a good conference/ birthday/easter week. That's a lot in one week. Seems good, hope tomorrow will be good for your birthday.

We had an amazing week this week, miracles and good things everywhere. Should have some baptisms coming up soon:) We've been so blessed here in Tung Chung we don't even know how to deal with it. We're teaching so many people so much that we might not have time to do any proselyting much this week. It's getting intense.

Super happy too, Elder Dale and I are still doing great, and I got to go on exchanges this week with Elder Williams!! It was awesome to serve together for a bit again. He's just as boss as he was before. I'm so grateful to have had so many good companions on my mission.

That's about it for this week, we're going to buy some jade for you and everybody today with Elder Durham and Elder VanOrman. It's gonna be fun. Happy birthday, love you so much.

Elder Osborne

Hey Sissy!

Things are great over in my corner of hong kong, working hard and having fun, it's awesome right now. Sorry about the boring week of homework. Hope conference was good for you. I'll be watching it this saturday and sunday so we'll see. I already emailed Mom and Madie and Elder Staheli so That's taken care of. Also, tell Andy congrats on prepping for his mission, that's awesome. I think I'll just fill in the thing now.

What do you do for physical activity? Where do you go?: Usually go for a run all over our area, go up to the mountains sometimes. Tung Chung is awesome.
Elder Dale is: a total party kid, loves having fun and works hard.
For pday: Buying jade for all of y'alls
Best thing this week: Got some investigators who told us they want to be baptized. Super ready for it too. Also got 8 investigators to church.
Investigators: Brother Yeung, Frank, Stefano, Isaac, Philip, Sister Tam and kenneth, Kenneth2, Sister Sung, Betty, Joe, turned over Noel to a sister companionship cause she lives in our area, but she's good anyway and accepted to be baptized.
Feeling: (trunky yet? still healthy?) Still not trunky, getting a few mixed feelings, but we've got too much going on to think about other stuff. Still super healthy.
Advice: Keep it up, get your mission papers started soon!
Story: Too much happened too fast this week to put it into one story.
Pictures: ok Here's me emailing, and Elder Williams on exchanges at my house. Felt like a sleep over with one of my old friends.
Anything else: Tell Mom happy birthday for me again!

Elder Osborne

Here are some pictures sent to us by Elder Osborne's investigator Isaac. (Thank you Isaac!)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Visited Kwun Tong

It's been a good week, did a lot of good missionary work this week. Just barely went to Kwun Tong to visit some people before I leave. It's super weird going back to an old area. Also celebrated Elder Williams birthday with him, chenged us all out to a nice pizza place. Elder Williams is awesome.

We're teaching a lot lately so everything is kind of blurring together. We're working with the most solid people of my mission so far. I'm super happy and grateful. Elder Dale and I just get along so well that we find and teach really well together, it's awesome. Not sure what else to tell you about, things are just awesome right now.

Keep up the good work. Madie will be great, a mission is going to be good for her. Thanks for Madie's email. I'll email her and see how she's doing next week? I'll fill out the thing now.

For pday: Went back to Kwun Tong to visit some people.
I am healthy: yes
Weirdest/new food I ate this week: like none.
Cool word i used this week: don't remember.
The weather this week was: beautiful.
I got emails this week from: You, mom, dad, grandma, Ivan, and Elder Staheli.
Best thing this week: Teaching all our awesome investigators. teaching Noel the plan of salvation was probably my favorite lesson this week.
Wearing: black tie
Investigators: Frank, Tong Bou, Stefano, Philip, Brother Yeung, Sister Sung, Sister Tam, Kenneth, Kenneth2, Noel, and maybe more.
I’m feeling: happy
Advice: do your best with what you've got, get your homework and stuff done. Think about a mission.
Story: nothing too storyiffic this week that I remember, probably do, it's just that it went so fast I don't remember anything.
Pictures: can't this week, using a dumb computer
Anything else: Why are you wearing trousers with holes in them? Is that in again? Weird.

It's weird to think that you've already done all our spring time traditions like the easter egg hunt and stuff. Hope conference is good for all of you, I've still got a couple weeks till I see it. That's about it for this week, I'm really out of stuff to talk about, so have a fun week, I love all of you and hope you have a good week.

Elder Osborne

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cool Crew

Yeah it's temple day. Super good. It's nice having so many good friends in my district to go to the temple with. Also had a great week, working with so many solid people, taught some really good lessons. I'll tell you some of the cool stories when I get back. Elder Dale and I are super awesome together, we're getting tons of good success and helping lots of people feel the spirit.

Saw pictures of Madie's farewell, that's so crazy how fast that happened. Feels like she just barely got her call. That's awesome that she's going. Also saw Alex with the poopy pants, I think he'll make good use of them. It's awesome to see how good everyone is doing. After email we're going shopping to get some stuff, maybe some cool souvenirs for you guys.

Looks like you had a good week this week, make sure I get Madie's missionary email so I can email her while she's in the MTC and I'm in HK. That would be cool. I like the pics, those tiger poopy pants will be the best things Alex has ever worn. I'm glad you're having fun and doing well. I'm doing awesome, being companions with a Brit is the best. Elder Dale and I are super chill together and find and teach really well together as well. It's awesome. Missions are awesome. I'll fill out the thingy now.

For pday: Temple and shopping
Best thing this week: how good all our investigators are.
Wearing: black suit. red tie.
Investigators: Frank, Tong bou, Philip, Brother Yeung, Noel, Sister Tam, Kennteth, Kenneth2, and Stefano.
Food: Met with sister sung again and ate the best indonesian food ever yesterday.
Feeling: Super grateful and happy.
Advice: Stay grateful and Heavenly Father will give you more things to be grateful for. Be happy.
Story: We were finding on the street when we ran into Stefano, who is super chill and already knew about us cause his good friend is Frank! So now our investigators are fellowshipping our investigators! We've got a cool crew that were already friends before, Frank, Tong boy, and now Stefano. Super cool.
Pictures: ok. here's us in front of the temple.
Anything else: Not much, enjoy life, have fun!

Not really sure what else to write you guys. Oh well. Keep up the good work, I love y'alls and hope you have a great week!

Elder Osborne

Monday, March 16, 2015

Not trunky, just happy!

Had another great week this week, did a lot of good stuff and helped a lot of people. Super happy week. It's weird to think that Madie's farewell is coming up so soon. Feel free to give alex the tiger poopy pants whenever. I should be good on stuff and money, so don't worry about that. Don't worry about me, I should be set. Can't believe how fast time is going by, especially for you guys, Jugs growing up, Honey's pretty much already grown up, Lou is like the same.

I'm super happy right now, Elder Dale is awesome and we just barely went on a cool hike with one of our investigators, brother yeung. Super chill hike. Also, went to a cool fireside last night where this one Elder Christianson talked about economics and the gospel. It was pretty appropriate for Hong Kong. That's weird that you got the travel plans already, I'm not looking forward to getting mine when the time comes. Don't worry about me, I'm working hard and having fun, hoping you are too. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sorry I don't write much, I'm just not good at typing. I'll do my best today. Sounds like school is going good for you, you'll have to let me know how to get into byu salt lake center now that you're going. What'd you think of President hawks's talk? I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: Went on a hike with an investigator. Super relaxing.
Best thing this week: the whole week. Did really good, helped a lot of people and had a lot of fun too.
Wearing: normal people clothes.
Investigators: Isaac, Frank, Philip, Brother Yeung, Sister Tam, Kenneth, Noel.
Food: not much new, my favorite place to eat right now is Tung Chung curry. The owners and workers there love us.
Feeling: Happy, healthy, doesn't feel like the end to me. Not the way I was thinking at least. Not trunky, just happy.
Weather: really nice today.
Advice: Keep it up, keep the faith, keep being happy.
Story: nothing too specific stories to tell this week. One thing that's cool is how good we're doing, Elder Dale and I are doing awesome together.
PIctures: ok.
Anything else: How's madie doing with her farewell coming up? How are you?

Elder Osborne

here's some from a hike last week and one from the fireside last night.

some more stuff.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Super Happy

Had an amazing week this week, one of the best of my mission. We did so much good this week and got so much done. We also gave talks in sacrament, which went really well. Elder Dale and I are getting along ridiculously well and we are super powerful together. We got six investigators to church this week, which is super good for hong kong, which was super meaningful cause we've been working hard and love everyone so much it was cool to see everyone at church. Meant a lot to us. I'll send some pics of me and Elder Dale. Yeah so much crazy awesome stuff happened this week it's hard to know where to start. Super happy, I love Tung Chung

Also, Elder Peterson and I are hanging out together this p-day, going on a cool hike.

I'm glad home is happy and that Marie and Deloy are doing alright. I'm not sure if what you went to was the korean bbq I'm used to in HK, we kind of just cook meat at a hubcap thing on a table. We'll see about it. Well that's about it this week, hope y'alls have a great week!

Weird to see snow. Skiing will be fun when I'm back, hope you had fun this week skiing, hope you can get through all the homework. I forgot how much gas costs, wasn't it like 3 bucks a gallon when I left? I don't even remember how america money works. I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: Hiking with Elder Peterson.
Next temple day: sometime in mid to late march.
Elder Dale: is awesome. And a goofball.
Best thing this week: Everything. probably just being with an awesome companion.
Wearing: normal people clothes.
Investigators: Frank, Isaac, Tong Bou, Philip, Sister Sung came to chuch after not seeing her in forever, Sister Tam, and Kenneth.
Food: nothing too new, loving Tung Chung curry lately.
Is Chinese New Year over?: yes.
Weather:pleasant, a little cloudy today but it looks like it's clearing out.
Advice: stay awesome, don't stress.
Story: Had a lot of cool things happen on the street this week. One cool thing was finding Philip, we met him on the street, got him sat down on a bench and shared a message with him. Also, a member was walking past us when we pulled him back and he taught with us too. That was super fun. Philip came to church this week too.
Pictures: Ok. here's me and elder Dale on our balcony being awesome.
Anything else: not really, have fun hear from you soon.

Elder Osborne

just some random stuff and our branch president chenging us and our investigators out.

other cool stuff

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Big change this week, Elder Koochin is moving to causeway bay and it looks like I'm finishing here in Tung Chung. My new companion is awesome, his name is Elder Dale and he's from Yorkshire, England! He's one transfer behind Elder Buss, so he's been out in hk for about 9 months so he's got experience.. Just moved from macau. He's so ridiculously cool, super motivated and happy and hardworking, love that. Looks like it's going to be a good move. We like a lot of the same stuff too so it's going to be a blast. We've got some good people we're working with too like Frank and Isaac so I'm happy. Also, Elder Ballard came to HK this last week as well, super boss.

Home sounds pretty good, It's cool that Madie has gone through the temple now, it's a cool thought.

It's amazing all the cool things that are going on now, also, Elder peterson is in my district now, so I'm a happy boy. Boss companion. Best friend in the district, good stuff going on in the area, can't complain.

Hope home is doing good, tell Madie I'm proud of her for being awesome. I'm glad you're all doing alright, keep up the good work, I love you all and I'll hear from you soon.

Good week this week, got a new comp. this last week, he's from the U.K.!!! Elder Dale is a boss, we're going to tear it up this move. already had a lot of cool stuff happen this last week, lots of cool success and Elder Ballard came here and gave a talk to the missionaries and to the members too. Super amazing. Sorry my emails are getting shorter, I'm just not sure what to write anymore. I'll fill out your thing now.
Moves: Still in Tung chung, my new companion is Elder Dale, this boss lad from Yorkshire.
For pday: probably just going on a hike.
Best thing this week: Elder Dale and Elder Ballard
Wearing: Blue stripey tie
Investigators: Isaac, sister Tam and her son keneth, Frank, and now his friend tom.
Food: Nothing much new Had this cool chinese new year stuff called poon choi last monday. I'll send pics.
Weather: nice, getting warmer.
Advice: Keep up the good work, keep learning and growing and having fun.
Story: when we went to the second elder Ballard meeting (the one for the members, we brought Isaac and Frank and then frank brings his friend tom , which was a surprise for us. So we get there and tom seems pretty just cool guy, doesn't talk much, but then elder Ballard gets going on about the Restoration and Plan of Salvation stuff and tom just sits there taking in the bossness of it all. After he finished Elder Dale turns to him and asked what he thinks and tom said it was amazing, then turns to me and asks, "where can I get a Book of Mormon?" Boom. coolest thing I've ever seen.
Pictures: ok one is poon choi and the other is the wan chai chapel lobby after The Elder Ballard meeting with the members.
Anything else: might come home with a bit of a British accent.
Love, Elder Osborne

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese New Year

Had a good chinese new year, not as much food as last year, but that's ok. Went on a really cool hike in our area with the branch on saturday and did some good missionary work while having some new years fun. We also did a deep clean of our apartment on the 19th for the first day of chinese new year. The whole mission did on that day too. It's nice to have a whole day to clean, wasn't too hard either cause our apartment is spacey and we already keep it pretty clean. not much else besides that I think. Hung out with the branch members alot this week.

Can't believe Lou is driving. Tell Kevin I'm looking forward to aerating too. There's not a lot of lawns here so I guess I'll like aerating even more when I'm back. Tell jug he's awesome and that I miss him. It'll be cool to meet the freeman's, give them a shout out from me. I think I might study Japanese after I learn mandarin. Japanese is cool.

Glad you're doing well, don't worry I missed the sukiyaki too. My chinese new year went pretty good. not too much happened. I'll fill out the thing now.
For pday: nothing special really.
Next temple day: Don't know yet.
Next moves: This week.
Best thing this week: Hiking with the branch
Wearing: A tie Elder Williams gave me
Investigators: Still got Isaac and Frank
Food: We're going to eat some good chinese new year food tonight at a branch activity so that'll be good.
Weather: rained last night.
Advice: Beware of creepers at BYU I'll kill all of them!!!!!! Stay away from my sister!!!!
Story: nothing much to story.
Pictures: ok. here's some pics of the hike and eating food with the branch after, that's like all I took this week.
Anything else: Not really, things are good, keep studying hard, don't give up!

Not much else to say this week, hope you had a good chinese new year eating Japanese stuff. I love you all and I'll hear from you soon.

Elder Osborne