Monday, March 30, 2015

Visited Kwun Tong

It's been a good week, did a lot of good missionary work this week. Just barely went to Kwun Tong to visit some people before I leave. It's super weird going back to an old area. Also celebrated Elder Williams birthday with him, chenged us all out to a nice pizza place. Elder Williams is awesome.

We're teaching a lot lately so everything is kind of blurring together. We're working with the most solid people of my mission so far. I'm super happy and grateful. Elder Dale and I just get along so well that we find and teach really well together, it's awesome. Not sure what else to tell you about, things are just awesome right now.

Keep up the good work. Madie will be great, a mission is going to be good for her. Thanks for Madie's email. I'll email her and see how she's doing next week? I'll fill out the thing now.

For pday: Went back to Kwun Tong to visit some people.
I am healthy: yes
Weirdest/new food I ate this week: like none.
Cool word i used this week: don't remember.
The weather this week was: beautiful.
I got emails this week from: You, mom, dad, grandma, Ivan, and Elder Staheli.
Best thing this week: Teaching all our awesome investigators. teaching Noel the plan of salvation was probably my favorite lesson this week.
Wearing: black tie
Investigators: Frank, Tong Bou, Stefano, Philip, Brother Yeung, Sister Sung, Sister Tam, Kenneth, Kenneth2, Noel, and maybe more.
I’m feeling: happy
Advice: do your best with what you've got, get your homework and stuff done. Think about a mission.
Story: nothing too storyiffic this week that I remember, probably do, it's just that it went so fast I don't remember anything.
Pictures: can't this week, using a dumb computer
Anything else: Why are you wearing trousers with holes in them? Is that in again? Weird.

It's weird to think that you've already done all our spring time traditions like the easter egg hunt and stuff. Hope conference is good for all of you, I've still got a couple weeks till I see it. That's about it for this week, I'm really out of stuff to talk about, so have a fun week, I love all of you and hope you have a good week.

Elder Osborne

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