Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm emailing you on the 6th, so it's your birthday at least here in HK. I wrote you a letter, so it should be coming soon. Sounds like you had a good conference/ birthday/easter week. That's a lot in one week. Seems good, hope tomorrow will be good for your birthday.

We had an amazing week this week, miracles and good things everywhere. Should have some baptisms coming up soon:) We've been so blessed here in Tung Chung we don't even know how to deal with it. We're teaching so many people so much that we might not have time to do any proselyting much this week. It's getting intense.

Super happy too, Elder Dale and I are still doing great, and I got to go on exchanges this week with Elder Williams!! It was awesome to serve together for a bit again. He's just as boss as he was before. I'm so grateful to have had so many good companions on my mission.

That's about it for this week, we're going to buy some jade for you and everybody today with Elder Durham and Elder VanOrman. It's gonna be fun. Happy birthday, love you so much.

Elder Osborne

Hey Sissy!

Things are great over in my corner of hong kong, working hard and having fun, it's awesome right now. Sorry about the boring week of homework. Hope conference was good for you. I'll be watching it this saturday and sunday so we'll see. I already emailed Mom and Madie and Elder Staheli so That's taken care of. Also, tell Andy congrats on prepping for his mission, that's awesome. I think I'll just fill in the thing now.

What do you do for physical activity? Where do you go?: Usually go for a run all over our area, go up to the mountains sometimes. Tung Chung is awesome.
Elder Dale is: a total party kid, loves having fun and works hard.
For pday: Buying jade for all of y'alls
Best thing this week: Got some investigators who told us they want to be baptized. Super ready for it too. Also got 8 investigators to church.
Investigators: Brother Yeung, Frank, Stefano, Isaac, Philip, Sister Tam and kenneth, Kenneth2, Sister Sung, Betty, Joe, turned over Noel to a sister companionship cause she lives in our area, but she's good anyway and accepted to be baptized.
Feeling: (trunky yet? still healthy?) Still not trunky, getting a few mixed feelings, but we've got too much going on to think about other stuff. Still super healthy.
Advice: Keep it up, get your mission papers started soon!
Story: Too much happened too fast this week to put it into one story.
Pictures: ok Here's me emailing, and Elder Williams on exchanges at my house. Felt like a sleep over with one of my old friends.
Anything else: Tell Mom happy birthday for me again!

Elder Osborne

Here are some pictures sent to us by Elder Osborne's investigator Isaac. (Thank you Isaac!)

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