Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Week

This was a really good week, Elder Williams and I are bossing it up here. We got a baptism yesterday and the other Elders in our apartment (Staheli and Pincock) got one too. So between the two wards in our church building we got two baptisms. Both of them found the church by just walking into the Wan Chai chapel. Self refferals are awesome. Our invesigator, Randy, is 27 and he started out with a pretty good Christian background and had a lot of family problems cause his parents are separated and "baai san"(ancestor worshipers) so he didn't like that and they don't like him not liking that. But the gospel has helped and comforted him a ton, he is way happier now than we first met him in a turnover lesson from another set of Elders. He read the entire Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price in 31 days. He did have quite a bit of free time cause he hurt his foot working, but that's still really boss. The other convert, Ada, Also walked into the Wan Chai building (you should look it up, it's the 2nd most expensive building in the church, it's a church disguised as a skyscraper) She started out super weird and always wanted to speak English with everyone, even the Chinese members and was struggling a bit from coming back to Hong Kong after getting divorced from an English guy. After every lesson Elders Staheli and Pincock taught her she got more and more normal and happier. All this really happened at the same time a little over a month ago. It's been a really cool experience. 

Sorry I forgot to tell you last week, I withdrew some money cause I'm thinking about getting a suit for my year mark, my clothes are holding up pretty good, but my suits and shirts aren't quite as new and nice as they used to be. Finding for almost a year will do that though. The members and especially converts in China have way more opposition from all sides and it's a miracle anyone here is active at all, let alone all the new people we find. Tell the fam that I love and miss them. Also, can you try to get my updates/pictures of how Zach and Jake and other people are doing. It'd be nice to know.

 Tell Grandma that she is welcome to send the movies but doesn't need to rush. Elder Williams already got them for his birthday, but they would be nice to have when we're not companions anymore. That's about it this week, we'll see how stuff and conference goes, all the missionaries are pumped  for conference again. Gotta love it:) things are going good, I love you and a I'll hear from you soon.


Elder Osborne

This is Randy. He is Awesome.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Best Day Ever

Today was temple day, it was probably the best temple day I've ever had. There were a lot of members from my last area Sheung Shui. There was one lady who Elder Staheli helped reactivate. She got to go to the temple for the first time like exactly a year after Elder Staheli refound her at the start of his mission. He was there too, It was so awesome, best day ever. That's about all the news I've got from my side. 

 Home sounds pretty good and normal. Things seem like it's going good with honey almost going to college, Lou about the same, and Jug seems good too. Hope the weather is good, it's starting to get hot over here. Also, tell Grandma that it's ok to watch 17 miracles and ephraim's rescue here now, President just barely authorized it so if she wants to send me stuff it's an option. Things are going really good over here, working hard, doing good.  Keep up the good work at home, I'll hear from you soon.

Weather has been: Pleasant but getting warmer
Next temple day: today.
Color tie today: Purple
For Pday we are: Temple day
Best food this week: got some really good cha siu faahn the other day
Funny story: Don't remember, tell ya later
Serious story: Why so serious?
Pictures: ok

Random: I learned how to say glucose the other day, the literal translation is grape sugar.


Elder Osborne

Monday, March 17, 2014

Working Hard

Things are going pretty good this week, not too much to report, just working hard and having success. Apparently our zone did better than it ever has this week by the numbers. Then again Kowlooon West zone is only like 5 months old. It's just really cool to see how hard everyone is working to improve and succeed, we are all doing pretty good at finding(street contacting) and it's exciting to look at how the work is going. So yeah, things are pretty good:) I'm really super grateful to be serving where I am right now, nearly all the missionaries out here in Hong Kong are boss. 

 Home sounds really good, I'm glad Honey is going to the Y, there are quite a few Hong Kong people that go there. Maybe she'll make some Chinese friends:3 Has Lou grown up at all yet besides her height? Jug's doing baseball? that's pretty. China Hong Kong is a super obedient obedient mission. It's helped me learn a lot. China is a really good place to serve. 

This p-day we are going to Korean  barbecue again for some elders birthdays. You should look it up and see if there are any KBQ places in Utah. it's way good:) P-days are good. That's about it for this weeks news. 

Best thing this week: Probably Teaching and talking to this one investigator named peter, he really likes the church cause he wants a good family. He came from a broken home so he wants better for his future. He's cool.

For Pday we are: Eating KBQ My companion: is a boss. Elder Williams is awesome and we are very sassy to each other. New food: Don't remember Color tie today: Maroon I am feeling: Pretty good Investigators: Tons Story: later Tell us about your new area: It's got a lot of stairs, crazy people, and golden people. Life is good, I hope things keep going well. Keep praying for my converts and China, we need it. I love you all and ga yauh! Love, Elder Osborne This is ernest, he helps us fellowship a lot. He's very interesting.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lots of Little Miracles

It's been a really super good week! We had the best zone training that I've ever been to so far, our zone leaders are boss. The 65th anniversary for the dedication of Hong Kong for missionary work is this July. So we're going to get 65 baptisms for Hong Kong in July. It's a super huge goal for the mission, but we can do it. On top of that we've had just a ton of tiny miracles happen, like really good street lessons and we had an investigator have a really good experience using the gospel in his life. He told us the story during a mock baptismal interview, and me and Elder Williams cried. He had some really big arguments with his mom for a long time and one day after a really big argument he when to his room and prayed for help to forgive and apologize to his mom, and he got help to do it. He says that he hasn't apologized to his mom since he was 3. And through the Gospel he was able to change and do that. It was super powerful. His parents are against him getting baptized, but we'll see, he's 18 in college so it's his choice. We'll see. 

Home sounds like  it's going really good, spring is coming! I haven't bought anything special lately, but I'll let you know when I do. Tell Clay's family and Marge thanks for the money. I'm really blessed to have such good family. I'll need to withdraw some money before I buy anything new. 

I'll fill in the thingy now:

For Pday: we are Relaxing
New food: Like none so far
Investigators: Tons. Ben, Randy, Chris, Ming yat, Frodo, a-ho, peter, jensen and many more.
Color tie today: the maroon one ya'll got me for christmas:)
Next temple day: March 26
Story: we have an investigator(Randy) who walked in the wah chai chapel(which is the 2nd most expensive building the church owns) on his own and finished the BoM in a little over 3 weeks and is ready to get baptized.
Pic:s I'll try
Anything else. No.

 Yeah that's about it this week I'll be sure to write down all my mission stories in my journal so I can tell you on Mother's day. When is Mother's day? March? May? I kinda forgot:/ Anyway, things are good, I love you, ga yauh!

Elder Osborne:)

 Here's us after zone training and a pic of me, my trainer, and a Brontosaurus.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Prophets Are Awesome!

This has been another really good week. We got a lot of good investigators and our companionship is going good. Home sounds pretty good, everyone seems alright. Kwun Tong is a really cool place. We're going to explore the APM mall in Kwun Tong today. It's been a little bit rainy here as well. not a lot, but still had some. There isn't much super new on my side either.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Elder Holland's talk to the mission this last week. It was awesome! He actually didn't tell us off nearly as much as other missions I've heard. This time he said we were doing pretty good with obedience and stuff so he could teach us about stuff rather than just call us to repentance, so it was super good. I got to shake his hand! It was super cool. Prophets are awesome. You could tell at first when he was talking it mostly him, but at some point it felt like is was less him and more of the Spirit talking though him, it was an really amazing experience.

So yeah, that's about it from my side, things are going really good. The ward is really nice. I'll tell some stories later about some of the Kwun Tong members. Everyone in the mission knows them, it's kinda funny. Anyway, keep up the good work and I will too. I'll keep you and everyone back home in my prayers.

Elder Osborne