Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Best Day Ever

Today was temple day, it was probably the best temple day I've ever had. There were a lot of members from my last area Sheung Shui. There was one lady who Elder Staheli helped reactivate. She got to go to the temple for the first time like exactly a year after Elder Staheli refound her at the start of his mission. He was there too, It was so awesome, best day ever. That's about all the news I've got from my side. 

 Home sounds pretty good and normal. Things seem like it's going good with honey almost going to college, Lou about the same, and Jug seems good too. Hope the weather is good, it's starting to get hot over here. Also, tell Grandma that it's ok to watch 17 miracles and ephraim's rescue here now, President just barely authorized it so if she wants to send me stuff it's an option. Things are going really good over here, working hard, doing good.  Keep up the good work at home, I'll hear from you soon.

Weather has been: Pleasant but getting warmer
Next temple day: today.
Color tie today: Purple
For Pday we are: Temple day
Best food this week: got some really good cha siu faahn the other day
Funny story: Don't remember, tell ya later
Serious story: Why so serious?
Pictures: ok

Random: I learned how to say glucose the other day, the literal translation is grape sugar.


Elder Osborne

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