Monday, March 10, 2014

Lots of Little Miracles

It's been a really super good week! We had the best zone training that I've ever been to so far, our zone leaders are boss. The 65th anniversary for the dedication of Hong Kong for missionary work is this July. So we're going to get 65 baptisms for Hong Kong in July. It's a super huge goal for the mission, but we can do it. On top of that we've had just a ton of tiny miracles happen, like really good street lessons and we had an investigator have a really good experience using the gospel in his life. He told us the story during a mock baptismal interview, and me and Elder Williams cried. He had some really big arguments with his mom for a long time and one day after a really big argument he when to his room and prayed for help to forgive and apologize to his mom, and he got help to do it. He says that he hasn't apologized to his mom since he was 3. And through the Gospel he was able to change and do that. It was super powerful. His parents are against him getting baptized, but we'll see, he's 18 in college so it's his choice. We'll see. 

Home sounds like  it's going really good, spring is coming! I haven't bought anything special lately, but I'll let you know when I do. Tell Clay's family and Marge thanks for the money. I'm really blessed to have such good family. I'll need to withdraw some money before I buy anything new. 

I'll fill in the thingy now:

For Pday: we are Relaxing
New food: Like none so far
Investigators: Tons. Ben, Randy, Chris, Ming yat, Frodo, a-ho, peter, jensen and many more.
Color tie today: the maroon one ya'll got me for christmas:)
Next temple day: March 26
Story: we have an investigator(Randy) who walked in the wah chai chapel(which is the 2nd most expensive building the church owns) on his own and finished the BoM in a little over 3 weeks and is ready to get baptized.
Pic:s I'll try
Anything else. No.

 Yeah that's about it this week I'll be sure to write down all my mission stories in my journal so I can tell you on Mother's day. When is Mother's day? March? May? I kinda forgot:/ Anyway, things are good, I love you, ga yauh!

Elder Osborne:)

 Here's us after zone training and a pic of me, my trainer, and a Brontosaurus.

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