Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy New Year!

 This week was really good! Ivan got baptized! It was really good! Not much other news besides that. Things are going good. Moves calls is in a couple weeks(feb 13th) It should be interesting to see what happens. 

 People go to mainland for new year to visit their hometowns and families. It's like going on a trip to grandma's house for Christmas. Hong Kong gets pretty deserted for a few days for new year, especially where I am cause I can see Mainland from our apartment, literally. Despite all the odds though, our companionship is doing really good right now. By the numbers, Elder Van Orman and I are doing better than we've ever done before so far. So yeah, stuff is pretty good:)

 How are Scott and Tracy doing with the baby? whats the name? Is Deloy getting better? 

 Yeah, I'm doing really good on lemon heads, probably don't need them so much, If your sending a package soon make sure to send some photos of new stuff, like football Jug and Indian wedding. Things are pretty good in HK, workin' hard or hardly working. jk on the hardly working part.


I'll just fill in the thingy now.
The best thing this week was: Ivan's baptism:)
The worst thing: getting friend zoned by investigators, funny and sad at the same time.
New food: chicken testes. Really.
Next transfers are: Feb. 13
Things I bought recently: I'm going shopping to buy Ivan some ties today and looking for some chinese books with elder Lau

Investigators: are crocodiles with vests. Toy Story 4?

Picture: ok.
Anything you wanna tell me: Missions are awesome! Baptisms are really cool!

Elder Osborne 
龐 長老 
Ivans baptism:)
 Here's us right after Ivan passed his baptismal interview!

Monday, January 20, 2014

More Ivan

 This was pretty good week, Ivan passed his baptismal interview really well! He'll be getting bapized this sunday. He chose me to baptize him too, this will be 3 out of 4 convert baptisms in Sheung Shui baptized by me while I've been here. 

 By the way, Elder Liu is out of Macau right now and is in Kowloon, I actually taught a lesson with him once. He's super cool! Elder Liu is going home at the end of this move in about 3 weeks. Also does his sister and brother in law speak Cantonese? If so that would be awesome. I'll also probably be able to speak a some ok mandarin by the time I get back too so I can talk to the Taiwanese family and practice:) Yay! Chinese speakers in the ward!! It's so weird how missions connect people like that.

 I didn't end up buying poopy pants yet, Elder Van Orman did. But we found them! Apparently they're seasonal for summer, so I'm gonna wait a bit for a better selection. This p-day we're just gonna hang out with some other missionaries. Next week we're taking Ivan to buy a suit cause he wants one. I think I might chip in a bit for his birthday. He's funny. 

 There's a lot of candy in HK, but the only stuff I can think of that they don't have is your cookies, lemonheads, and starburst, So I'm not sure what else:/

 I'm glad things at home are doing good, keep up the good work! ¥[ ªo! keep up the good work.I'll keep working hard here in HK. I love you all and I'll hear from you soon.

Elder Osborne  Ãe ªø¦Ñ

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! They finally got a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Scott and Tracy I said congratulations!! That'S SO GOOD!!!!!!!! I'm so glad things finally worked out! Other home stuff sounds good too. Winter sounds pretty ok this year. 

Sorry I forgot to tell you this week is our temple day:/ oh well. 

Anyway, things are going really good right now. I'll tell you a bit about Ivan too. I first found him on the street when Elder Arrington was off talking to another person. I just went up to him as he was walking and said hi, talked about how I was a missionary and something about English class. The whole conversation was like 40 seconds, neither of us really remember what I said except for something about English class. After that I scheduled him to meet us at a park where I taught him the whole restoration cause I sat next to him and Elder Arrington and the member we brought were sitting too far away. It was one of the more awkward lessons I've had so far. All he did was just sit there and listen. He hardly talked and he wouldn't  really look at us. It was weird. We didn't meet with him for a while after that, just called and texted a bit about the Book of Mormon, which he seemed to like. Once Elder Arrington moved and Elder Van Orman came in, we were able to get him to English class and after we read the first chapter of the BoM with him to show him how it applies to him more, he really seemed to like it. He also saw Salad at eng. class too. Apparently they were classmates in primary school. Btw, Salad was pretty much a recent convert by then, just not quite baptized. So Salad fellowshipped him a bit and we were able to get to teach him some more and get him to church. His first time at church was Nephews baptism, so that was really cool that he got to see that. He also got to see Salads baptism too. He took getting baptized really seriously, so he wouldn't accept a date for a while, but he finally did decide to get baptized when we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. He started out so shy, now he's progressively just gotten so golden! His baptismal interview is this week! also he's 15 and he got his parents permission so everything is good! He's getting baptized on 
his 16th birthday!
 Thing are going good up here, can't complain besides testing is going on right now, super mafaan to schedule students. Ugh. School is evil here, well, eviler. Other than that, things are going pretty good. Hopefully home stays good fer yallls too:) that's about it this week, the work is moving on and we're working hard. 

Elder Osborne

Monday, January 6, 2014

Chinese Bakeries

 San Francisco sounds awesome, everyone sounds like they're doing pretty good too. Yeah, you wouldn't expect China to have such good bakeries since they eat so much rice and noodle stuff, but they got some good stuff. Did you find cha siu faahn there? We're doing really good here too:) What was hearing Chinese and not understanding it like? I still get that sometimes. Also, I didn't even know Dad had a cousin named Brian in California. Do they keep in touch? What was the Christmas Eve party like? Any interesting family stuff going on? Keep up the good work back home:)

 Things here are really good right now, we recently got us an awesome investigator that's gonna get baptized! His name is Ivan and he's awesome! He is getting baptized on Jan. 26 on his birthday and he just got his parents permission too. It is so true that there are prepared people out there to accept the gospel. I just did something weird to this Chinese keyboard so now i can't use period and stuff  sorry.
 I love love you all and and hope that things at home stay good.

Elder Osborne