Monday, January 20, 2014

More Ivan

 This was pretty good week, Ivan passed his baptismal interview really well! He'll be getting bapized this sunday. He chose me to baptize him too, this will be 3 out of 4 convert baptisms in Sheung Shui baptized by me while I've been here. 

 By the way, Elder Liu is out of Macau right now and is in Kowloon, I actually taught a lesson with him once. He's super cool! Elder Liu is going home at the end of this move in about 3 weeks. Also does his sister and brother in law speak Cantonese? If so that would be awesome. I'll also probably be able to speak a some ok mandarin by the time I get back too so I can talk to the Taiwanese family and practice:) Yay! Chinese speakers in the ward!! It's so weird how missions connect people like that.

 I didn't end up buying poopy pants yet, Elder Van Orman did. But we found them! Apparently they're seasonal for summer, so I'm gonna wait a bit for a better selection. This p-day we're just gonna hang out with some other missionaries. Next week we're taking Ivan to buy a suit cause he wants one. I think I might chip in a bit for his birthday. He's funny. 

 There's a lot of candy in HK, but the only stuff I can think of that they don't have is your cookies, lemonheads, and starburst, So I'm not sure what else:/

 I'm glad things at home are doing good, keep up the good work! ¥[ ªo! keep up the good work.I'll keep working hard here in HK. I love you all and I'll hear from you soon.

Elder Osborne  Ãe ªø¦Ñ

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