Monday, January 6, 2014

Chinese Bakeries

 San Francisco sounds awesome, everyone sounds like they're doing pretty good too. Yeah, you wouldn't expect China to have such good bakeries since they eat so much rice and noodle stuff, but they got some good stuff. Did you find cha siu faahn there? We're doing really good here too:) What was hearing Chinese and not understanding it like? I still get that sometimes. Also, I didn't even know Dad had a cousin named Brian in California. Do they keep in touch? What was the Christmas Eve party like? Any interesting family stuff going on? Keep up the good work back home:)

 Things here are really good right now, we recently got us an awesome investigator that's gonna get baptized! His name is Ivan and he's awesome! He is getting baptized on Jan. 26 on his birthday and he just got his parents permission too. It is so true that there are prepared people out there to accept the gospel. I just did something weird to this Chinese keyboard so now i can't use period and stuff  sorry.
 I love love you all and and hope that things at home stay good.

Elder Osborne 

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