Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Herro Famiry

Dear Family,
Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy San Francisco! 

 Calling home was way weirder than I thought it would be, don't get me wrong, it was awesome to hear from ya'll, but I never really use just English anymore. We use a ton of chinglish here. so I'm gonna teach ya'lls some chinglish we use all the time here:

Mafaahn: like annoying but deeperish "that guy is so Mafaahn!"
chaam: like sad and suck at the same time. Sorry Mom. "that's super chaam."
Leng jai: handsome boy, stud "Jug is way leng jai"
Chisin: crazy. just like english. "chisin!" 
Wat leih gei: I owned you. literally "dominate the machine"
Watgei: boss. like our slang boss. 

That's just a bit of what we use. Hopefully this helps you understand me next time I call cause chinglish is the best. Calling was good. The christmas pics look super good:) everyone seemed pretty happy and stuff. Christmas here was super awesome here too:)

 I'm gonna start trying to tell a story a week from now on too. New Years resolutions I guess. So here it goes. last last Saturday we were out finding like normal and Elder Van Orman started talking to this young mom waiting at a street light next to us. we just talked about normal missionary stuff, about her family, how old her kid was. Invited her to church the next day and then she came! Her name is Lily and she's super nice and cool. She wants to raise her son in a good church and stuff. Her son is 2 years old, adorable, and already super well behaved. Anyway, we gave her to the sisters to teach and she already has a baptismal date and everything! She's awesome! She came to the Christmas party and church this week too!

 So that's one story. I'll keep working on making more:) Yeah so far that's about it. things are going really good right now. The work is booming and I'm a happy elder:) Thanks for being an awesome family and supporting me and everything. Have fun in San Fran! Say Hello to China town for me!

Elder Osborne

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