Thursday, December 12, 2013

Salad Is Awesome!

This week was amazing! We had another investigator in our ward get baptized! Technically she is the sisters investigator, but Elder Falk found her when he was serving in our neighboring area and Elder Staheli taught her pretty much all the lessons. I was there for some of it too with Staheli. Then a rule change happened and we had to turn her over to the sisters because she was too young. Her English name is Salad cause she couldn't say Sarah when she was a kid. Anyway, when the Elders found her she had no friends so she said she prayed for friends and the Elders found her! Now she has tons of friends in the ward and school, and her relationship with her family has improved a lot too! She's been waiting to get baptized for a while, but her dad wouldn't let her till she turned 16. So we're all super happy this week:) Salad is Awesome. Last night I also got to see a lot of my missionary friends at what we call "my conversion story fireside" It's a meeting that all us missionaries and investigators can go to and hear RC's conversion stories. I'll send you a pic. The other elder in the pic is Elder Falk. He's awesome. 

 Also moves calls are tomorrow. we'll see if I get kicked out or not. I don't really wanna go, I love the ward and Leo and Nephew and Salad too much. They're all doing awesome by the way. 

 Things at home sound awesome, besides scary roads. I kinda miss snow. Honey, Lou, and jug sent me pretty good emails. Sounds like everyone is good:) Btw, what's Zach's email? I miss that kid. 

 As for christmas calls, when could I call you? How does time work over there? let me know as soon as you can. I love you and the whole fam, Merry Christmas from Hong Kong!

Elder Osborne.

P.S. Tell Lori and them I said hi!

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