Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lots of Baptisms

 this was a super stressful week, but we got a baptism! So that's cool. I'll talk more about it when I send pics. Just dropped off our summer missionaries, it's been an adventure. We found so many cool new people with them, the miracles I've seen are amazing. We'll see what the future has in store for kwun tong, elder Buss, and me. Looks good though. Sheung Shui, my first area, got 6 baptisms yesterday!!!!! 4 of them was an entire family!!!! Super awesome. So that's about it on my side. Elder Staheli is only trunkie when it doesn't distract from the work. He's boss like that.

 Home sounds like you're having fun. The 24th was good here too, we didn't celebrate, but we got a ton of lessons that day. I miss fireworks, Were they good this year? You should send me pics of trevors wedding invitations, I think I know who she is. Not for sure though. Keep up the good work at home, seems like you're doing pretty good despite difficulties and stuff. 

 I can't believe I'm turning 19 soon. (He is confused, he's actually turning 20) Missions fly by so fast, I've been thinking of things for my birthday package. Still can't think of that many things, but I would like to request microwave popcorn. It doesn't really exist here and it was awesome when Elder Williams got it in his packages. Also maybe fruit by the foot would be nice. 

For pday: just relaxing with some other Elders.
Best thing this week: Ivan getting baptized, plus like a boatload of other people.
Food: tried kimchi dumplings, super good.
Investigators: lots, we'll see who sticks around after the dust settles from all the summer missionary craziness
Next moves: end of august.
Story:  Ivan: Ivan was found by a kwun tong missionary like a year ago, but went on a foreign exchange thing to america for a year, they kept in contact and as soon as Ivan got back he wanted to get baptized, so we worked it out and he got baptized on saturday. Super stressful arranging things for the baptism, but it worked out.
Funny: Joey fungi, my summer missionary.
Random: chinese members think dang it is a swear word.
Pictures: ok

 Weeeeellll  that's about it. Things are good, stay awesome, keep up the good work. Love you all.

Elder Osborne

Here is the kwun tong sisters baptism and also elder staheli's. same day baby

Here's dropping off our summer missionaries. They were boss.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Missionaries

 This was a fun week, Our summer missionaries are awesome. Elder Buss's is from Sheung Shui! It's been a fun experience. It's a little different working with teenagers and not trained missionaries. Mine is brother Fung, he's cute and funny. This week had lots of finding cause we split investigators and lessons and stuff. We got 50 hours of finding total between the two of us. That's a lot. Had some cool stuff happen this week, lots of stress involved. Sometime missionary work is like that, so it's fine. 

 Honey sent me boating pics, looks like awesome boating with the sunset like that. Keep having fun. I don't know what I want for my b-day this time, maybe some candy. I've been thinking about getting a suit again, but still thinking about it. Matt has like a month left, that's crazy. Elder Staheli is leaving on the 22nd, I'll let you know where his farewell is. That would be cool if you could meet him, he's probably taught me the most out of anyone on my mission. Yeah, the work is going good here, we keep pretty busy, so it's nice. Tell the Pettit's I said congratulations!! 

I hope I'm not getting terrible at email, I just don't know what to write anymore. oh well. It's good, the work is good. I love you and hope that you have another great week!!

Thanks for the pictures, they made my day!! I'm so proud of everyone for skiing! Keep having summer fun. ga yauh! I'll fill in the thingy now:
The weather lately: hot and rainy
I’m wearing: the grey tie tie we bought together
Investigators: there's a cool one named aris who like wearing suits, is only 20, and is already an independent insurance agent. He's cool.
Food: nothing super new
Story: Never go finding with a summer missionary and Ernest. It's more mafaahn than lou. Thankfull I have been blessed with patience on my mission.
Pics:ok here is bro Fung on his first day, and the next is 3 days later.
Random: I miss boating, but it's ok because Hong Kong;)

Elder Pohng

Monday, July 14, 2014

65th Anniversary

 This was a good week, had lots of cool stuff happen. We had a huge service on Saturday for the 65th anniversary of the church in Hong Kong. There were so many members in the Wan Chai chapel, it took up 3 giant floors packed for it. super cool. Also did zone splits and I went to a place on the island called West Point. pretty cool. I'll send Honey pics. Not much else happened besides Elder Buss is a boss and did super awesome this week. Also, we are getting summer missionaries today for two weeks. Every summer, the young men here can do summer missions and live with us, so that will be fun.

 Trevor is engaged?! To who? How? Why? When are they set to get married? Home sounds crazy. Hopefully Apollo Burger will stick around for me to eat there again, knock on wood. Well, that's about it for now, not much to report today. Have fun, 加油! 我 愛 你們! 我希望你們會好開心!

Elder Osborne

here is ernest about to baptize a kid in the ward, his dad is less active, so ernest got to do it. It was adorable. Bosco is a cool kid, his mom is awesome too.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sai Gung

 This was a good week. It was hot, but it was good. The temple was awesome, got to see the new video. Super cool. We also had zone training meeting on the 4th of July, with one of the main themes being freedom and the Book of Mormon, it was pretty boss. Had some cool miracles happen thisweek as well, finding some cool people in some pretty cool ways. One guy got contacted by 4 different missionaries 4 different times in the last month and finally gave up and met with us. that was pretty sweet. 

 We went to a place called Sai Gung for p-day today. It's a nice layed back place, right by a big reservoir people go boating there and it made me think about boating back home, so guess it was appropriate that ya'lls went this week. I hope you all had fun. 

 I got the package this week, the candy and electric razor is awesome. I'm saving a lot of time getting ready for the day now. I think my favorite part was your letter to me though. Thanks for being an awesome mom and sending packages and stuff. I sent a package not too long ago, so hopefully you get that soon. not sure how long it'll take, I sent it by sea mail on accident, so...

We'll see how things go, tell Liz I said hi. I love ya'll and hope you keep doing well.

Elder Osborne

For Pday: went to a cool chill place called sai kung, you should look it up. it's cool. went to an american resturant there and ate an american burger and had root beer for the first time in over a year:)
Wearing: missionary clothes
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
How was the temple? awesome.
Food: 'merica
Story: no
Random: saw a fish as big as I was swimming in a resturant today. pretty cool.
Pics: weeeellll ok.