Monday, July 14, 2014

65th Anniversary

 This was a good week, had lots of cool stuff happen. We had a huge service on Saturday for the 65th anniversary of the church in Hong Kong. There were so many members in the Wan Chai chapel, it took up 3 giant floors packed for it. super cool. Also did zone splits and I went to a place on the island called West Point. pretty cool. I'll send Honey pics. Not much else happened besides Elder Buss is a boss and did super awesome this week. Also, we are getting summer missionaries today for two weeks. Every summer, the young men here can do summer missions and live with us, so that will be fun.

 Trevor is engaged?! To who? How? Why? When are they set to get married? Home sounds crazy. Hopefully Apollo Burger will stick around for me to eat there again, knock on wood. Well, that's about it for now, not much to report today. Have fun, 加油! 我 愛 你們! 我希望你們會好開心!

Elder Osborne

here is ernest about to baptize a kid in the ward, his dad is less active, so ernest got to do it. It was adorable. Bosco is a cool kid, his mom is awesome too.

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