Monday, July 7, 2014

Sai Gung

 This was a good week. It was hot, but it was good. The temple was awesome, got to see the new video. Super cool. We also had zone training meeting on the 4th of July, with one of the main themes being freedom and the Book of Mormon, it was pretty boss. Had some cool miracles happen thisweek as well, finding some cool people in some pretty cool ways. One guy got contacted by 4 different missionaries 4 different times in the last month and finally gave up and met with us. that was pretty sweet. 

 We went to a place called Sai Gung for p-day today. It's a nice layed back place, right by a big reservoir people go boating there and it made me think about boating back home, so guess it was appropriate that ya'lls went this week. I hope you all had fun. 

 I got the package this week, the candy and electric razor is awesome. I'm saving a lot of time getting ready for the day now. I think my favorite part was your letter to me though. Thanks for being an awesome mom and sending packages and stuff. I sent a package not too long ago, so hopefully you get that soon. not sure how long it'll take, I sent it by sea mail on accident, so...

We'll see how things go, tell Liz I said hi. I love ya'll and hope you keep doing well.

Elder Osborne

For Pday: went to a cool chill place called sai kung, you should look it up. it's cool. went to an american resturant there and ate an american burger and had root beer for the first time in over a year:)
Wearing: missionary clothes
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
How was the temple? awesome.
Food: 'merica
Story: no
Random: saw a fish as big as I was swimming in a resturant today. pretty cool.
Pics: weeeellll ok.

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