Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lots of Baptisms

 this was a super stressful week, but we got a baptism! So that's cool. I'll talk more about it when I send pics. Just dropped off our summer missionaries, it's been an adventure. We found so many cool new people with them, the miracles I've seen are amazing. We'll see what the future has in store for kwun tong, elder Buss, and me. Looks good though. Sheung Shui, my first area, got 6 baptisms yesterday!!!!! 4 of them was an entire family!!!! Super awesome. So that's about it on my side. Elder Staheli is only trunkie when it doesn't distract from the work. He's boss like that.

 Home sounds like you're having fun. The 24th was good here too, we didn't celebrate, but we got a ton of lessons that day. I miss fireworks, Were they good this year? You should send me pics of trevors wedding invitations, I think I know who she is. Not for sure though. Keep up the good work at home, seems like you're doing pretty good despite difficulties and stuff. 

 I can't believe I'm turning 19 soon. (He is confused, he's actually turning 20) Missions fly by so fast, I've been thinking of things for my birthday package. Still can't think of that many things, but I would like to request microwave popcorn. It doesn't really exist here and it was awesome when Elder Williams got it in his packages. Also maybe fruit by the foot would be nice. 

For pday: just relaxing with some other Elders.
Best thing this week: Ivan getting baptized, plus like a boatload of other people.
Food: tried kimchi dumplings, super good.
Investigators: lots, we'll see who sticks around after the dust settles from all the summer missionary craziness
Next moves: end of august.
Story:  Ivan: Ivan was found by a kwun tong missionary like a year ago, but went on a foreign exchange thing to america for a year, they kept in contact and as soon as Ivan got back he wanted to get baptized, so we worked it out and he got baptized on saturday. Super stressful arranging things for the baptism, but it worked out.
Funny: Joey fungi, my summer missionary.
Random: chinese members think dang it is a swear word.
Pictures: ok

 Weeeeellll  that's about it. Things are good, stay awesome, keep up the good work. Love you all.

Elder Osborne

Here is the kwun tong sisters baptism and also elder staheli's. same day baby

Here's dropping off our summer missionaries. They were boss.

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