Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Jug!!!

 This has been a good week, jug got a lot of people at church for his birthday. We're doing pretty good, the biggest issue is all our awesome investigators have to work on sunday, super mafaahn. Working hard though. Things are pretty good, still super cool to see so many miracles happen all the time. Hong Kong is an awesome place to serve, it fits me pretty well. I hope jug is having a happy birthday, hopefully my package gets to you guys soon.  

 Â I can't believe Matt is getting back already, I still have like a year left;) The times are changing, so am I too, I guess. I'll make sure to get you guys the info for elder staheli's homecoming, you probably could ask one of his sisters in law over facebook or something.  

 As for my package, I also need more deodorant soon, so that would be nice.  

 Not too much to report this week, the work is moving forward, we're all happy, and things are going good, I love ya'll and hope everyone stays safe. Tell Jug Happy birthday for me, he seems way taller and older than I remember him, I'm exited to see how much everyone has grown since I've been gone.

I'm glad Matt's mom, Rosie, and Addie are doing good, We'll have to check out that Habit burger when I'm back, sounds super good. Tell matt he's a boss for me and to keep in contact while I'm still in the wonderful Hong Kong. thanks for the pics, jug looks super leng jai. Tell him happy birthday for me!
 I'll fill out your thing now:
For pday: Relaxing 
This week: is hopefully going to be filled with lots of lessons 
Weather: super hot or super heavy rain when it's not 
Investigators: got a cool new one named manta, he's elder staheli's investigators boyfriend, but he lives in our area, so we'll be teaching him. 
Wearing: the grey tie we bought together 
Food: sister lam chenged us out again this week, ate mussels and all sorts of amazing stuff. 
Story: Found a kid named chris off the street a few weeks ago, got his answer super fast and now has a baptismal date. His name is chris and he's super awesome 
Random: I'm BATMAN!!! 
Pictures: ok here's last p day and elder staheli's last zone training, it was super boss.

Love, Elder Osborne

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