Monday, August 25, 2014

Turned 20!

I got the package, it was super awesome, the candy was well appreciated, but I still like the letters best, thank you so much. Also, I am in kwun tong still, so I guess I'll have been here 8 months total just like sheung shui I'm pretty happy about it, we've got a lot of investigators that I really care for and have lots of potential. Elder Buss and I are getting along great too so companion stuff isn't a problem. It's actually super cool to be able to stay with my trainee for this long, we've had some pretty cool adventures. My birthday was on moves day, so it had a lot of mixed feelings, having to see elder staheli leave for home. I feel older now in a good way so I guess that's good.

Thank you so much for going to see Elder Staheli, it means the world to me that my family could see the missionary who taught me the most on my mission. It's going to be hard to find a comp I liked better than him and even harder to get as much work done as we did in my first move with him. I'll do my best to be bold like he taught me.

So what does cantonese sound like to you guys? Cantonese is super cool, I love speaking it and learning it, languages are fun.

I hope you had a fun mini vacation, The ogden temple looks awesome, and my mission dad looks pretty leng jai in his mong kok tie. 

Salad's story was awesome, she was just like his little sister. Salad is super awesome. I'm glad you had a fun vacation checking out the temple and getting to see elder Staheli. I'll fill out your thingy now.
I got moved: no
My companion is: still elder buss
For my birthday I: saw elder staheli leave
For pday: not much, just hanging out
This week: should be interesting
Weather: Hot
Investigators: found a kid named Shine
Wearing: the maroon tie ya'll sent to me for christmas. Also, thank you for the awesome new green one:)
Food: nothing new
Story: met with a guy who kept calling our phone, turned out to be a crazy kid that I met my second day with elder buss. I told him I was russian. That's what I get for being dishonest. He was having a hard time and was scared cause he didn't go to work when he was supposed to so he wanted us to help him pray. It was interesting
Random: bo bo go sing
Pictures: one is elder staheli throwing away his old mission suit coat and the other is 'the kwun tong grabber' he's one of the famous crazy people here

I love you all and hope ya'll have a good week!

Elder Osborne

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