Monday, October 27, 2014

Got Moved to Tung Chung

Yeah, I got moved, far away to a place called Tung Chung. It's on the island that the airport is on, called lantau island. It's super different from kwun tong. First of all I live in a huge apartment in what we call a chyuen nguk (choon oak is how you pronounce it.) basically the closest thing to a normal house in Hong Kong. The church is right next door, using two of the floors from another chyuen nguk. It's also just a branch so far now, we're super close to being a ward so we'll see how it goes. The area is huge, but the places that we can easily go finding a bit smaller than I am used to. It's all right though, this place has a lot of really good potential, the branch is super supportive of the work, so I'm pretty excited to see what happens in the near future. My new companion is from canada this time, so that's cool. His name is Elder Koochin. He's a bit quiet, but really nice. The last apartment I was in was way louder. I feel really loud and obnoxious in this one. also,  I get to be Junior again! This is elder Koochin's first time being senior companion, he's been out about a year. I think part of my job here will be to help him to get used to that kind of stuff. So yeah, that's what's changed here.
I love the pics of everything, punks, greaser jug and my beautiful red ranger. Thanks, that made my day. So yeah, you heard right, I got moved. Keep in touch with kobe for me, ok? he's fun. are you guys eating out more often than before, Y'alls are always going to a different place to eat like every week, I'm getting kind of jealous;) jk, chinese food is the way to go. I'll fill out the thingy real good this week.
I got moved to: Tung Chung
My new comp is: Elder Koochin
Describe him: he's cool, super quiet. likes snowboarding, soccer, and stuff
For pday: going to check out a suit store and map out what I want for the end times
This week: was pretty good, looks like I'm still pretty good at finding so there should be some cool new people showing up at church soon.
Weather: getting much cooler.
Investigators: not as many as kwun tong
Wearing: the same grey tie I wear most p days
I am emailing from: the convention center in wan chai
I am healthy: yes
I am happy: always
Food: been a bit short on food, need to buy groceries.
Story: later
Advice: love people as individuals, not only just as a whole,  I've been learning that more and more now. It's cool
Random: blargh.
Pictures: I'm not sure which ones are which, I'll tell you later

Home sounds really good. Keep me updated on weddings and stuff, it's super weird how fast every thing is changing, It's good though. well, have fun this week, keep up the good work!

Elder Osborne

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bronson a Punk?

That's super boss, tell Jug that I'm super proud of him for scoring his touchdown, it's a good thing for him, he's super happy when he succeeds at something like that. I hope home and everything is going well, seems like things are good. We're doing good over here as well, found a lot of new investigators with lots of potential this week, so your prayers are working over here as well. It's fun to find new people and help them out. we'll see how things go. This last week was the last full week of the move, so we'll see what happens this week. All the sisters I was in the MTC with are going home this week, it feels super weird.

No matter what happens this coming move, I'll be happy, I'm glad I got to help this area and got a lot of people to teach here, hopefully some baptisms should be coming up. This week for p-day we're going to an indian buffet in wan chai, so that should be good. I'm super excited to show you guys all the cool new foods that we eat all the time here, you'll love it.

Calvin looks stinkin adorable, It looks like he had fun at the Pong house. The basketball show thing sounded super fun. Is Lou more grown up now? Kinda random question I've just been thinking a lot about her and you guys. NOT trunky, just curious. I'll fill out your thingy now.

For pday: Going to eat lots of indian food
This week: should be super good. Moves calls is coming up so I have no clue what will happen.
Weather: Still getting cooler. ish.
Investigators: found lots this week, a couple look super punky but are actually super nice. That's a pretty common thing here
Wearing: a cool stripey tie I got a little while back.
I am emailing from: the Gloria shop
Food: the Thai sisters in our ward made some delicious thai food for us yesterday for lunch.
Hong Kong is: the best place to serve a mission
Story: Nothing too special this week
Random: When some missionaries were teaching the First Vision to a couple of pakistani guys:
"In this picture, these men have beards, but you guys have no beards! How can you follow them!? Very interesting."
Pictures: ok, Here's me looking a punky as I possibly can and the others are me and Kobe. Kobe is super funny, he's trying to save money for his mission lately.

Well, tell Gramps I told him happy birthday for me, and tell everyone I said hi. I love you and I'll hear from you soon.
 Elder Osborne

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts on Conference

This week was super good, we didn't hit the 21 lessons again this week, but we did pretty all right. conference kind of killed our church attendance cause wan chai is "too far". It's not but I loved conference anyway. It was almost like half the talks were just calling everyone out on stuff. I love that. That jorg guy was good. Bednar was probably my favorite this time. It looks like the Lord needs us to fight harder and be better, and I agree with that. Tell the missionaries in our home ward if they're good I'll go finding with them Elder Pong style and we'll get them up to 21 lessons. Sorry if I'm prideful, we're just getting really passionate about the work over here.

This last week I got to go on exchanges to Causeway Bay, the most city-y area in the mission. It was super fun just to go finding as hard as I could in a new place. I love hong kong, every area is so different and fun. I basically got to go finding in the central park of hong kong, so I liked that.

None of the trees here are changing colors, but its getting a bit cooler so that's nice. Have fun with the changes in the ward, change is fun. I've been in 3rd nephi lately. I took forever on alma not too long ago cause it was so good, I like the fighting for our rights thing too, it's true, we all are fighting for our rights and agency no matter who we are, so we should fight hard.

Yeah, I loved how much Eyring loved and cherished his experiences with his mom, he's so boss. Yeah I got your package, it was my favorite one so far, your note helped me a lot, sorry for forgetting to thank you for it sooner, I feel dumb. But really it was super awesome. I eat the cookies during personal study:)

I wanna eat at the Canton city again, I hope they know Cantonese. I could probably do ok with mandarin too but not really. we'll see how it is at the end. well, I'll fill out your thingy now.

For pday: going to a place called stanley to shop for ties
This week: did pretty good. fought hard. Went on exchanges to Causeway Bay.
Weather: getting a bit cooler
Investigators: taught a cool kid last night giving him a tour of the church, looks like a punk but acts super nice. there's lots of those in HK
Wearing: the grey tie we bought together
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
Food: Thai food is amazing. The kwun tong KBQ last week was also delicious
Protests: thought they were dying down, but looks like it might be longer than we expected
Story: none really
Advice: STUDY conference, don't just watch it.
Random: Jorg
Pictures: I got none this week, sorry. I'll do better next time.

Well, I hope home stays good, we're doing good over here, let me know how you thought conference was.


Elder Osborne

Monday, October 6, 2014

Taught 21 Lessons

This has been a really good week for us, we've been going crazy teaching and just doing good in general. Still haven't seen conference yet, but right about to listen to Elder Wong's talk.. in cantonese:3 it's awesome. Cantonese is awesome. It looks like things are going well on the home front, everyone seems ok. Yeah we're doing alright over here too. We're working with some good people right now.

We're going to a korean BBQ in kwun tong for pday today, we've heard that it's super cheap and a bit of a dive. so I'm super exited. Yeah that's about it this week, sorry for the short email, I'll add in more stuff with Honey's email.

Hope you guys liked the bookmarks and poopypants. I still haven't seen conference, but I just listened to Elder Wongs talk in cantonese. Usually he's less serious, but he was probably just nervous cause it was just his first conference. It was awesome though. I'll fill out the template now.
For pday: Going to KBQ
This week: is our conference week and is going to be awesome
Weather: getting pretty comfortable
Investigators: got some cool ones, my favorite ones are a-chun, a-pui, and Tom. They're fun
Wearing: a cool blue tie I got in HK
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
Transfers are: something like the 24th
Food: no
Protests: mostly in central, admiralty, and mong kok. Also heard that there's some triads are getting involved but I shouldn't say anything else besides that.
Story: This week we taught 21 lessons total, it's the 3rd time I've ever done that. The first time was my second week with Elder Staheli. 21 is my lucky number
Advice: keep up the good work, stay happy:)
Random: "Since when, kip?" Elder Peterson and I say that all the time
Pictures: ok  this is Elder Buss and I at a ward BBQ near shung shui. It's a super pretty place


Elder Osborne

Here's little kid english class this week