Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts on Conference

This week was super good, we didn't hit the 21 lessons again this week, but we did pretty all right. conference kind of killed our church attendance cause wan chai is "too far". It's not but I loved conference anyway. It was almost like half the talks were just calling everyone out on stuff. I love that. That jorg guy was good. Bednar was probably my favorite this time. It looks like the Lord needs us to fight harder and be better, and I agree with that. Tell the missionaries in our home ward if they're good I'll go finding with them Elder Pong style and we'll get them up to 21 lessons. Sorry if I'm prideful, we're just getting really passionate about the work over here.

This last week I got to go on exchanges to Causeway Bay, the most city-y area in the mission. It was super fun just to go finding as hard as I could in a new place. I love hong kong, every area is so different and fun. I basically got to go finding in the central park of hong kong, so I liked that.

None of the trees here are changing colors, but its getting a bit cooler so that's nice. Have fun with the changes in the ward, change is fun. I've been in 3rd nephi lately. I took forever on alma not too long ago cause it was so good, I like the fighting for our rights thing too, it's true, we all are fighting for our rights and agency no matter who we are, so we should fight hard.

Yeah, I loved how much Eyring loved and cherished his experiences with his mom, he's so boss. Yeah I got your package, it was my favorite one so far, your note helped me a lot, sorry for forgetting to thank you for it sooner, I feel dumb. But really it was super awesome. I eat the cookies during personal study:)

I wanna eat at the Canton city again, I hope they know Cantonese. I could probably do ok with mandarin too but not really. we'll see how it is at the end. well, I'll fill out your thingy now.

For pday: going to a place called stanley to shop for ties
This week: did pretty good. fought hard. Went on exchanges to Causeway Bay.
Weather: getting a bit cooler
Investigators: taught a cool kid last night giving him a tour of the church, looks like a punk but acts super nice. there's lots of those in HK
Wearing: the grey tie we bought together
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
Food: Thai food is amazing. The kwun tong KBQ last week was also delicious
Protests: thought they were dying down, but looks like it might be longer than we expected
Story: none really
Advice: STUDY conference, don't just watch it.
Random: Jorg
Pictures: I got none this week, sorry. I'll do better next time.

Well, I hope home stays good, we're doing good over here, let me know how you thought conference was.


Elder Osborne

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