Monday, October 20, 2014

Bronson a Punk?

That's super boss, tell Jug that I'm super proud of him for scoring his touchdown, it's a good thing for him, he's super happy when he succeeds at something like that. I hope home and everything is going well, seems like things are good. We're doing good over here as well, found a lot of new investigators with lots of potential this week, so your prayers are working over here as well. It's fun to find new people and help them out. we'll see how things go. This last week was the last full week of the move, so we'll see what happens this week. All the sisters I was in the MTC with are going home this week, it feels super weird.

No matter what happens this coming move, I'll be happy, I'm glad I got to help this area and got a lot of people to teach here, hopefully some baptisms should be coming up. This week for p-day we're going to an indian buffet in wan chai, so that should be good. I'm super excited to show you guys all the cool new foods that we eat all the time here, you'll love it.

Calvin looks stinkin adorable, It looks like he had fun at the Pong house. The basketball show thing sounded super fun. Is Lou more grown up now? Kinda random question I've just been thinking a lot about her and you guys. NOT trunky, just curious. I'll fill out your thingy now.

For pday: Going to eat lots of indian food
This week: should be super good. Moves calls is coming up so I have no clue what will happen.
Weather: Still getting cooler. ish.
Investigators: found lots this week, a couple look super punky but are actually super nice. That's a pretty common thing here
Wearing: a cool stripey tie I got a little while back.
I am emailing from: the Gloria shop
Food: the Thai sisters in our ward made some delicious thai food for us yesterday for lunch.
Hong Kong is: the best place to serve a mission
Story: Nothing too special this week
Random: When some missionaries were teaching the First Vision to a couple of pakistani guys:
"In this picture, these men have beards, but you guys have no beards! How can you follow them!? Very interesting."
Pictures: ok, Here's me looking a punky as I possibly can and the others are me and Kobe. Kobe is super funny, he's trying to save money for his mission lately.

Well, tell Gramps I told him happy birthday for me, and tell everyone I said hi. I love you and I'll hear from you soon.
 Elder Osborne

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