Monday, October 27, 2014

Got Moved to Tung Chung

Yeah, I got moved, far away to a place called Tung Chung. It's on the island that the airport is on, called lantau island. It's super different from kwun tong. First of all I live in a huge apartment in what we call a chyuen nguk (choon oak is how you pronounce it.) basically the closest thing to a normal house in Hong Kong. The church is right next door, using two of the floors from another chyuen nguk. It's also just a branch so far now, we're super close to being a ward so we'll see how it goes. The area is huge, but the places that we can easily go finding a bit smaller than I am used to. It's all right though, this place has a lot of really good potential, the branch is super supportive of the work, so I'm pretty excited to see what happens in the near future. My new companion is from canada this time, so that's cool. His name is Elder Koochin. He's a bit quiet, but really nice. The last apartment I was in was way louder. I feel really loud and obnoxious in this one. also,  I get to be Junior again! This is elder Koochin's first time being senior companion, he's been out about a year. I think part of my job here will be to help him to get used to that kind of stuff. So yeah, that's what's changed here.
I love the pics of everything, punks, greaser jug and my beautiful red ranger. Thanks, that made my day. So yeah, you heard right, I got moved. Keep in touch with kobe for me, ok? he's fun. are you guys eating out more often than before, Y'alls are always going to a different place to eat like every week, I'm getting kind of jealous;) jk, chinese food is the way to go. I'll fill out the thingy real good this week.
I got moved to: Tung Chung
My new comp is: Elder Koochin
Describe him: he's cool, super quiet. likes snowboarding, soccer, and stuff
For pday: going to check out a suit store and map out what I want for the end times
This week: was pretty good, looks like I'm still pretty good at finding so there should be some cool new people showing up at church soon.
Weather: getting much cooler.
Investigators: not as many as kwun tong
Wearing: the same grey tie I wear most p days
I am emailing from: the convention center in wan chai
I am healthy: yes
I am happy: always
Food: been a bit short on food, need to buy groceries.
Story: later
Advice: love people as individuals, not only just as a whole,  I've been learning that more and more now. It's cool
Random: blargh.
Pictures: I'm not sure which ones are which, I'll tell you later

Home sounds really good. Keep me updated on weddings and stuff, it's super weird how fast every thing is changing, It's good though. well, have fun this week, keep up the good work!

Elder Osborne

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