Monday, November 3, 2014

So Many Meetings

Home sounds pretty hectic. It'll get better, patience is a virtue (see PMG Ch.6) Just kidding, yeah I know how that stuff feels. Missions have a lot of things like that too. Things are going pretty good, I'm happy and we just barely had a week filled with meetings, Zone training meeting, Stake conference saturday session, sunday session, and this week we have zone conference as well. Why so many meetings?

The new area is good, it's just not as booming as kwun tong was (yet) and we're pretty far from everyone else so it can get a bit lonely sometimes. Also I'm back to junior again, Elder Koochin is the senior companion. Things are good though, I love the area, I love Elder Koochin, and I love the people, so I'm doing good. As for christmas, I think more candy, cookies, and popcorn would be good. When I moved I didn't have room to bring any candy, so candy would be nice.

Sounds like life is a crazy house right now for everybody. seems like everybody had fun this halloween. In hong kong, frozen is super huge, so you'll see little girls in frozen costumes all the time. Is frozen really that good? Why?
 I'll fill out the thingy now.

I live with 3 other elders in my apartment. Their names are: Elder Koochin, Elder Young (my mtc companion) and Elder Townsend.
For pday: We're going on a hike to see a waterfall
This week: was filled with meetings
Weather: getting pretty cool
Investigators: got a sister sung, she was a former, but now that her sisters family who moved in with her are there, they can help her progress better cause she can't read cause she grew up in indonsesia. Her sisters fam is all members.
Wearing: a grey tie I bought from Stanley (it's a place here, not a person.)
I am emailing from: the public library in fu tung
Food: sister sung made these awesome indonesian banana patty things. very sweet.
Elder Koochin is: awesome
Story: no time
Advice: getting a good sleep schedule is good, missions help with that.
Random: blargh!
Pictures: Here's me and Elder Koochin for halloween and also just us at a dinner with some members and less actives.

Just keep it up, I know things are a bit mafaahn with stuff, but it'll be all right. Thank you so much for your prayers, they really do help.

Elder Osborne

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