Monday, November 10, 2014

Departure Date?!

Home sounds like its a bit.. weird. Did things change that fast before? I can't remember it being that way. Well, whatever. Have fun with your calling, there's always the adorable not crazy babies to look forward to, and if you're lucky, you'll get to take care of an asian one. They're so ridiculously cute. I'm glad Matt visited, tell him to try not to rob the cradle. In chinese we call it "eating the kids meal" like from mcdonalds. Kids meals aren't my type. Matt's funny, I didn't expect him to have a girlfriend that early either. yeah, I don't really think that much about girls right now, you know missions and stuff.  I'll have to see about any collinses. Are his parents members? Tell Jug to be happy, winning isn't everything, just have fun.

Things in Tung Chung are pretty good, there has been this one member that we've been working with, brother Ho, who moved from kwun tong like a month before I moved here who's super ready to come back and be active, especially now that I followed him here. super nice guy. There's also a sister sung, an investigator who's family also recently moved from kwun tong while I was there as well. She can't read, but now that her family moved in with her they've been helping her read scriptues, which has helped her a lot. We don't have much else going on besides that, we keep scheduling people on the street, but they just cancel or fong all the time. But that's missionary work, so we'll keep at it. Our next temple day is like the 20th or something. not entirely sure. Also, I'm thinking on getting a suit today, still not sure, so if I withdraw money that's why. The tailor who everyone goes to gets super busy for christmas and chinese new years, which are right next to each other. Earlier might be better.

I'll fill out your thing now.

For pday: Going shopping!
Best thing this week: Getting people to church
Food: lots of curry for no apparent reason. Sister and President Hawks visited our apartment last night and gave us homemade bread cause she thinks Elder koochin and I are too skinny. Super good bread.
Investigators: sister sung
I am studying: how to read/write chinese
I am feeling (trunky?): not trunky.
I am: happy.
Next temple day: like the 20th
Teach us a word: gungjyu behng means princess sickness, means your girlfriend is super needy and acts like a spoiled princess.
Story: no
Tung Chung is: on lantau island and has the best curry in Hong Kong
Random: not sure what you want with this one, Blargh!!
Pictures: ok

Also I got my departure date last week. It's may 1st, 2015.

Elder Osborne

the character I'm stanging by is leng, which means handsome or pretty.

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