Monday, May 26, 2014

Lions Rock

 How did the talk go? What did you talk about? Things here are good, we just finished going on this one hike to a mountain called lions rock. It was really fun. I'd send pics right now, but I forgot my adapter to connect my sd card:/ sorry. I guess next week. It was fun though. Not much else going on besides that. The weather is hot and humid, the humidity is usally more around 90% 

Dad sent an awesome picture for Memorial DayHow was Memorial Day? I kinda missed it a bit, it's ok though. 

 Elder Buss and Kwun Tong are doing good, I'm pushing him a bit more and being more mafaahn, so we'll see if he still likes me after this week;) Training makes me see how far I've come. It's fun to see people grow. 

Food: ate my first real mango. They taste super good.
For Pday: hikieng lions rock
Investigators: we'll see.
Color tie today: wearing normal clothes
Story: none right now
Pics: sorry

Random: Found an imagine dragons shirt, bought it like a boss. I;m actually wearing it right now.

 That's about it for this week, sorry i can't think of much to report. oh well. stuff is good. I love ya'lls and hope things go good for you this week.

Elder Osborne

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Story Time

 This week has been about the same for me too, rushing by at times and dragging on at others. Still doing great though. I feel like these last two weeks have helped me grow a lot, and I bet next two will probably be about the same amount of learning in them as well. Home sounds fun as usual, snow cones, brake shoes, cast, relief society stuff. I'm glad I don't have to deal with relief society stuff. I wouldn't be so good at that. I still don't know what to do dealing with stuff as a district leader. Oh well. 

 Well, for this pday we aren't doing anything special, just gonna hang out in a mall in the free AC or something. It's super hot and humid here, I'm glad I lived in our atttic room thing all that time so I'm already used to it. 

 I'll help you out with a story. This last saturday evening, Elder Buss and I were eating dinner at our apartment and we had some time to relax, but I felt we should get ready to go out finding for a couple hours to finish out the night. So we went out and we forgot to pray out in the apartment, so we prayed in the hallway of our building. As we were praying, I got this image in my head of this one park in our area and felt really strong that that is where we needed to go. So we went there right away. We were there, got partially by a mom(got her number for english class.) Got rejected for a while longer, when we decided to go to this one pavillion where this one mom and kid were. What was really weird was the kid had blonde hair! But he totally asian, super weird and cool. So we talk to them and hit an awkward pause and she said, "well do you have a card to give out or something? If I was going to reject you I would have done it by now." So she said she was actually looking for a church, and we taught them a short lesson. Their prayer was really cute. She said she'll be at church this week:) So I think the lesson I learned is that when you are worthy and do what you should, you'll get blessings. One scripture that I liked about that is Alma 26: something. It says if you repent, have faith and good works you will get revelation. It's true. The time on my mission where I have had special help was when I pushed myself to be obedient or to work hard. This time was super strong. So yeah that's my experience.

For Pday: Hanging out in free AC
Food: went to an awesome member family dinner this week. Sister Lam taught me how to make shrimp(it was amazing:)) also the curry was good too.
Investigators: are sometimes very mafaahn
Random: we are in an indonesian shop emailing right now. 
Teach us word: wai. It's how you say hello on the phone here. say it in a rising tone.
Pictures:nothing new yet.

 That's about it for this week, I love ya'lls and I'll hear from you next week.

Elder Osborne

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's day, it was awesome to talk to everyone just barely. One thing I thought about right after I called was that I might try and get the siblings Chinese names,I think that would be pretty cool.  Yeah I answered all your questions already, so I guess I don't need to do that. Also, maybe tell Grandma and Grampa that I found where the boat people are. They aren't in my area but they are in my zone, in Aberdeen. There's not touch else to report today.

 I love you and hope that everyone stays doing good, even with fall the changes going around. 加油!!

Elder Osborne
龐 長老 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Temple Day

This week has had a lot of ups and downs, I've learned a lot from it. BTW, it is temple day today, one of the best temple experiences I've ever had. Thank you so much for the good council, I think we're both going through similar things and it's good to have a Mom that's a good support for me. I'm feeling much better now.  Things around us change, but the Gospel never will. As for Mother's day, I will call sunday evening around 5-6 your time if that's ok, it seems like the best time for both of us. I'm exited to call y'alls. I think it will be better than last time, I'll be more prepared and less weird and stuff. I miss snow cones, make one and put it on my shrine, then maybe just eat it. There are a lot of ancestor worshippers here, it makes me kinda laugh that I kinda have a shrine thing like them;) Tell Mitch Head congrats for his call, that's pretty cool. Yeah, not a lot of parents pick up their missionaries here, I'm not sure if it's discouraged or not, so we'll have to see. 

 So is anyone living in Marie and Deloy's house now? Things seem to be changing a lot lately, I think I'm going to be surprised about how things are by the time comes when I come back. I think it'll be all right though. For p-day today, we might just be going shopping or something. we'll see, there's not a ton of time left over from temple stuff. I've got some fun pics to send this week though, so I'll get them to Honey in a bit:) That's about it for this week, just want to let you know that I'm ok and that things are good over here, I'll keep praying for you and everyone back home. 加 油!

I'll fill out the thing now.
Teach us a word: 星期六 sing keih luhk= saturday, literally star period six. I saw a crazy guy on the subway yell that he missed saturday over and over one day. It was pretty memorable
For Pday: Temple!
Food: Kinda had the same over and over again.
Next temple day: next move
Call for Mother's Day: ask mom
Story: no

Random: poopy pants. Found 'em. for cheap.

Elder Osborne 
龐 長老