Monday, November 24, 2014

雪 Means Snow

This week was really good, Working hard, not much has really changed since thursday, got a new young ward correlator so that was cool. I'll see what I can do to get to stuff you want me to bring back for you, pearls aren't that big here in hk, thats more japan I think. Jade is huge though. I think I know a place to get some cool fabric for you.

we're doing good, the thanksgiving party with missionaries is this thursday, so that should be fun. Is there anything else special you want me to get for the family? I might send some stuff for christmas maybe and also maybe some other things.

I'm super excited about madie! It looks like we'll just have a constant steam of missionaries out in the osborne family, the world does need a sister osborne, hopefully she'll go to asia! Tell her that I'm super proud and I said congratulations!!!!! Missions are awesome!!

Why is our house always so full of babies all the time? Also white handbook says that I shouldn't meet up with past friends and associates on the mission, so tell jason player I'm sorry that we probably won't be able to see each other. Super cool that he's in hong kong though. I'll fill out the thingy now.

For pday: Going to this place called the jade market near mong kok
Best thing this week: besides temple, seeing some huge progress with some less actives and stuff, it's cool to see people grow.
Food: not much new, a member made mexican food for our lunch on sunday though:)
Did you get your suits? Not yet, I still need to go in for a second fitting, but they haven't called yet.
Investigators: not much new, still got sister sung, 宋姊妹
For thanksgiving: got a big zone thanksgiving party
Teach us a word (haha kobe taught me how to say toast-something like tosi?, he said my chinese was so bad):
多士 is dosi which is toast. I'll teach you how to say snow: 雪 syut. Also I'm thinking about making everyones chinese names. pretty close with jugs, lou will definitely have 雪 in her name cause her hair and people actually use it in names. You I'm not so sure
Story: not much new yet.
Weather: super pleasant, unusually warm for this time of year.
Pictures: didn't take any new ones yet, sorry:/
Advice: Trials are just opportunities to grow and become better than you were before. Many of the trials of my mission are some of my most precious experiences and I'm glad they happened to make me stronger and closer to Jesus Christ. Having trials means Heavenly father trusts you and knows how great you can become.

Well, there's not much else this week, have fun, be good, and 加油!

龐長老 Elder Osborne

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