Monday, December 1, 2014


Thanksgiving this year was good, had a big thanksgiving lunch with our zone, had turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, everything. It was super happy. We're doing good, not too much new, working with lots of less actives lately. We had a branch barbeque this week and a ton of less actives came and brought friends that might actually have gospel interest. It's funny how less actives can be better at being missionaries than the active members sometimes. christmas decorations are going up all over here, makes me happy. I don't need deodorant yet, I'm doing all right so far on all that stuff, just treats and cookies would be nice. Also popcorn. I'll try and send some pics for the christmas card, any special suggestions? We set up a little christmas tree in our apartment, I'll send some of that. Our apartment is technically the biggest in the mission, so we have plenty of room for it.

I've gotten so asian out here, I'm even drinking the super bitter herbal teas and doing all sorts of weird asian stuff now. I'll show you some stuff one day. I'll fill out the thing now.

For pday: Getting a second fitting for my suits and also going ice skating.
Best thing this week: Had a pretty happy branch barbeque, our branch president is awesome at organizing stuff, he's so cool.
Food: I'll have to teach everyone how to chinese barbecue, it has way more meat and is way different from ours.
Investigators: got some referrals this week, should have some cool new people soon.
For thanksgiving: zone thanksgiving party.
Story: nothing too big to tell
I want for Christmas: money to buy hong kong stuff for me and all of ya'lls.
Weather: finally got cold today, it's been unseanably warm and nice here for all of november
Pictures: next email.
Advice: keep up the good work, you seem like you're doing great lately, enjoy christmas and be happy.

Elder Osborne

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