Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from HK

So transfers happened like they always do for me, I'm staying with Elder Koochin in Tung Chung, so no big changes here for me, like the whole mission moved around and I'm still here. I guess I'm either indispensable or just a huge pest;) Also Elder Williams, one of my old companions is now my zone leader. That's pretty cool. As for christmas calls, I think You'll be getting a call from me christmas around 5ish your time, so you can plan on that.

Tell Madie I said congratulations!!! City missions are the best. There's just something about the city just gets me now. I guess I've just turned into a city boy now. Don't tell dad. Yes, I like Neil Diamond, I like everything by now. pretty much everything. Oh, I got yours and Grandmas package now, thank you guys so much! This apartment needed some snacks and stuff, the shirts will be good for exercise and hiking too. I'm so grateful for you guys, especially you, Mom. I especially liked your note, your notes make me want to work harder and harder.

I'll fill out your thing now.
Did you get moved?: no
(If yes) where to, tell us about it: haha
New comp?: no
For pday: got a christmas party with the zone, should be fun.
Best thing this week: found a golden person for some sisters in another area. Haven't found someone this golden in like pretty much ever.
Food: lots of candy.
Wearing: a nice red christmasy tie
Investigators: not a lot for us
Story: not much, just found the golden on the street and she was super nice.
Weather: cold, but not nearly as bad as last year.
Pictures: ok so here's some christmas pics.
Advice: go on a mission
Anything else: doing good, looking forward to calling you guys.

Hopefully it snows a bit for christmas for you guys this year, that would be nice. I'll send some cool christmas pics of me and Elder Koochin in one of my new suits. I think you'll like it:) We're doing good though, doing some good work, doing awesome.加油! Have fun, keep it up and have a merry christmas!!!!!!

Elder Osborne

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