Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas is coming!

This week was good, It's gotten much colder here, but still nice most of the time. We're doing great, things are good here. Doing some good work with helping the ward with the work here and having good success with some less-actives. Christmas is coming, I'm super happy about that lately, I'm not sure why but I just feel super into Christmas this year, I love singing christmas hymns and stuff.

I might be getting you some cool fabric and stuff, I checked out pearls, but they might not be real, how do you know if pearls are real? I feel horrible, Honey will be very happy to know that I've learned to love shopping. Especially in Hong Kong, Hong Kong is a unique fun place for just looking at cool stuff.

Thanks so much for the package, I love your packages, packages are nice. I'll fill out your thingy now.
For pday: Going crazy shopping, found a place to buy perscription glasses for about 25 dollars american. Awesome. We're going to mong kok, the coolest place to shop ever.
Best thing this week: I can't tell you my favorite part, but on of my favorites was teaching a bunch of little 6-10 year old boys and their moms about suit and formal wear vocab this last weeks english class.
Food: red thai curry is awesome
Wearing: a cool stripy hong kong tie
Investigators: Got a refferal named a-ming, she's super nice and has two really cool sons named charles and wilson.
Story: Funny? spritual?
Weather: colder
Pictures: ok
Advice: Be patient in trials, be happy, and keep going for your dreams.
Anything else: Not really, any stuff you want from Hong Kong?
When will you call for Christmas? Do you know what time? I can call any time I want, as long as it's around christmas, we'll figure it out.

well, 加油, 我愛你哋大家! Also I messed up on the last chinese stuff I sent really bad, sorry. I'll get you some stuff that you can use for christmas stuff. there is 家庭是永恆的 is families are eternal and there is 聖誕節快樂 is merry christmas 龐家庭 is the pong family. Let me know if there's any special requests for me, I'll do my best. 繼續努力! I love ya'll and I'll hear from you soon.


Elder Osborne 

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