Monday, December 15, 2014

HEY!!!! that's my dad!!!!!

Life in HK is good, christmas is coming and moves calls is this week. This week was a bit uneventful for us too, just lots of christmas stuff. The international Elders in our apartment just baptized a french guy though, that was cool. Things are good, i'm really liking this year's christmas, makes me want to stay here longer.
Just got my suits, they're super nice, I'll send pictures next week:) The weather is good, a bit warmer than normal hong kong winters but that's ok. We'll be doing some more shopping too today. Sister hawks almost outlawed contacts because a lot of missionaries are getting winter eye infections so I bought a super nice cheaper pair of eyeglasses that I'm picking up today. We found a really good store, so the whole apartment got a pair. The work here is going well 啊俊(a-jeun), one of my investigators in kwun tong just got baptized, so I'm pretty happy with that. Yeah that's about it this week, oh and matt just emailed me that he's getting engaged, help him!!!!!!! 太快,太快 (too fast, too fast)!!!!!

Is madie excited to get her call soon? I'll fill out your thing now.
For pday: shopping!!
Best thing this week: lots of baptisms everywhere, and we're getting super close to reactivating brother ho.
Next temple day: 唔知 (don't know)
Do you think you will be moved next moves?: can't say, I got a feeling as what's going to happen, but I can't tell you
Food: nothing new
Wearing: a nice hk purple tie
Investigators: still the same
Story: I'll tell you the story of joel, the guy who got baptized yesterday. One day a chinese member invites his chinese wife and him to a cantonese ward, goes once, can't understand anything, but got a good feeling. 6 months later he runs into a white member that started going to the english branch and invited joel to come. hasn't missed a week since. When he got baptized his son was awesome, he just points to another kid and point and yells at him right after. "HEY!!!! that's my dad!!!!!" funny kid. so yeah, there's a story.
Weather: nice
Advice: 加油! (refuel)
Pictures: here's when we went to this super boonie place in our area to follow up on this potential chinese family that the english elders found a while back. Got rejected, but got to ride a cool ferry back home and also got to see the giant bridge to mainland and macau getting made.
Anything else: not really, have you heard about anyone else getting married or other big stuff happening?
If you’re shopping, what are you shopping for?: Eyeglasses and thinking about stuff for you guys.
Did you get your suits yet?: yes. they are very very 靚仔 (handsome).

Elder Osborne

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