Monday, October 6, 2014

Taught 21 Lessons

This has been a really good week for us, we've been going crazy teaching and just doing good in general. Still haven't seen conference yet, but right about to listen to Elder Wong's talk.. in cantonese:3 it's awesome. Cantonese is awesome. It looks like things are going well on the home front, everyone seems ok. Yeah we're doing alright over here too. We're working with some good people right now.

We're going to a korean BBQ in kwun tong for pday today, we've heard that it's super cheap and a bit of a dive. so I'm super exited. Yeah that's about it this week, sorry for the short email, I'll add in more stuff with Honey's email.

Hope you guys liked the bookmarks and poopypants. I still haven't seen conference, but I just listened to Elder Wongs talk in cantonese. Usually he's less serious, but he was probably just nervous cause it was just his first conference. It was awesome though. I'll fill out the template now.
For pday: Going to KBQ
This week: is our conference week and is going to be awesome
Weather: getting pretty comfortable
Investigators: got some cool ones, my favorite ones are a-chun, a-pui, and Tom. They're fun
Wearing: a cool blue tie I got in HK
I am emailing from: the gloria shop
Transfers are: something like the 24th
Food: no
Protests: mostly in central, admiralty, and mong kok. Also heard that there's some triads are getting involved but I shouldn't say anything else besides that.
Story: This week we taught 21 lessons total, it's the 3rd time I've ever done that. The first time was my second week with Elder Staheli. 21 is my lucky number
Advice: keep up the good work, stay happy:)
Random: "Since when, kip?" Elder Peterson and I say that all the time
Pictures: ok  this is Elder Buss and I at a ward BBQ near shung shui. It's a super pretty place


Elder Osborne

Here's little kid english class this week

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