Monday, December 2, 2013


 This week was a lot better than the last one. I'm feeling a lot better now. Home seems like you are all doing awesome, Hopefully DeLoy is feeling better now. Things here are pretty good. I've still got a lot to learn, but overall things are doing well. Moves calls are coming up on the 10th, so we'll see how it goes, right now it feels like anything could happen. I still need to help Elder Van Orman to get to know the ward and the area better. We'll see how it goes.
 Congrats on getting the Tennessee family to dinner at home, if anyone can make people realize that Mormons are normal people with normal crazy families, it's us. We've been talking about it in the apartment. Most all the people we find, teach and baptize end up being really normal, which is strange  because there are a lot of crazy people in Hong Kong. A lot.
 Thanksgiving was really good over here too, us missionaries got together as a zone and had a pretty normal thanksgiving! We even managed to somehow get a turkey there too!
 Thanks for all you do for me and being a great example that I can look up to. I've got a great Mom and family. We see a lot of Asian families smoking in front of their kids here. Thanks for refraining. I love you and I'll keep on doing my best!
Elder Osborne

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