Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pohng = Borne

 It's been a pretty good week, we're finding more people and things seem to be going good, this week should be especially good, we've got some potential families to teach coming out of the woodwork and stuff. I'm glad things are still going good at home, besides the Durhams moving, that stinks, I'm going to miss them a lot. Why is everyone jumping ship while I'm gone? Moves calls are coming up soon again around December 11th. I feel like I'm leaving this time, but I don't want to, I feel like there's a lot that I still need to do here. This last Sunday was really cool though, I got to see Leo bless the sacrament and I also got to see Nephew receive the Aaronic Preisthood. He should also be passing the sacrament this Sunday too. It's really cool to see them both progress this far:) 

Tell Gramdma Cow I said happy birthday for me, I hope she's doing alright. Things here are doing good, we've got a good mission here:) I was thinking about Christmas and all I really want is maybe some money to buy investigators and friends Christmas presents. I just barely gave Nephew and one of our best fellowshippers Preach My Gospels to help them teach lessons with us and hopefully serve missions in the future. They really liked it. Ideas for my Christmas package could be more pictures, a little deodorant, some lemon heads if you have some, other than that just have fun and surprise me:) That's about it this week, not too much has happened besides a really good zone conference, but that's about it. I love you and I'll hear from you soon.

Elder Osborne

P.S. I found out why my Chinese name is Pohng, It's the transliteration for "Borne" like the Jason Borne movies. osborne, borne, close enough. Pretty cool though:)

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