Monday, November 11, 2013

Special Fries

Home sounds like it's doing awesome! Tell Jug congratulations for me! Honey sent me a pic of the wedding and of jug's game, looks awesome! I'm so glad things a going well back home. Hong Kong is doing good too, Nephew got confirmed yesterday, which went really well. I'm still working on being a good senior companion and good missionary in general, but things are progressing, so I'm happy:) so yeah, things here are pretty good. Today we are going a place called the Mega Box, it's like the third biggest mall in the world and is supposed to be pretty cool. Malls are everywhere here. That's about it for this week, sorry if it wasn't much. Next week should be better email-wise. Tell everyone that they're doing great and that I love you all. Tell Lou to be nice. I hope things keep going well for you back home. Also learn how to make curry from that chef guy. We eat curry here a lot. It's super good!

The best thing I ate this week was probably McDonalds. They have special fries here called shake shake fries. You put 'em in a bag, put some flavor powder in it and shake it. It's wayyy good:) Right now they have japanese curry flavor:)
The worst thing I ate this week was nothing
The best thing that happened this week was Nephew's Confirmation!
My companion is: from Orem, Utah. We get along really well actually. He did drama in high school, loves movies a lot and loves weird music. Chinese people think he looks like Mr. Bean. They say I look like Havoc from Xmen Origins, or the lead singer from Maroon 5
What I'm reading in the scriptures right now is Alma 18ish. Ammon is just about to convert King Lamoni.
My next temple day is nov. 19th.
We are doing shopping! for p-day. Also watch Stellas video and you'll know what I mean. BTW it's in cantonese:)


Elder Osborne

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